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“Let’s rap” about how the economy is affecting TwoMorrows…

As Carmine Infantino said in the 1970s DC comics when prices went from 15¢ to 25¢, “Let’s rap” about how the economy is affecting TwoMorrows.

Due to the tariffs the US has placed on our Chinese printing, and the uncertainty of whether they’ll keep increasing, I’ve had to make some tough choices that are unfortunately going to affect our customers. (And yes, I’ve investigated dozens of printers in other countries, from Korea to Lithuania. Even with the added tariffs, our publications can’t be printed more economically elsewhere—including with US printers, none of whom can competitively print our niche products with modest print runs.)

Since shipping materials, warehousing, and freight costs have likewise increased, I’ve been forced to make some changes. Effective immediately:

• New and upcoming items are no longer discounted 15% every day; they’re cover price. (As always, I encourage you to purchase from your local retailer, if they stock our products and can offer you a more competitive price.) We will continue to offer a free Digital Edition of any purchase from our webstore, if available, but we can not honor requests for free Digital Editions purchased anywhere else, including at our convention booths.

• All our magazines are now $9.95 cover price and 84 pages (except Jack Kirby Collector, which is $10.95 cover price). This makes subscribing an even better deal, as subs already includes your shipping costs, and you’re guaranteed to avoid sell-outs of new issues.

• In lieu of a Black Friday or Holiday Sale this year, we’re keeping all our older items at 15% off, but that discount will be phased out on January 1, 2020 (so stock up now!). We may run occasional sales as inventory warrants, but much of our older product is in low supply, so it’s advisable not to wait, as the item you want may soon sell out.

• You’ve been seeing some of our newer products sell out quickly after release; again, due to the tariffs, we can no longer invest in overprinting as many copies to warehouse for future sales. If you don’t preorder as soon as you see a new item in Previews or on our website, we won’t know to print an extra copy for you, and you risk those new items selling out. Don’t wait to order, or you may be disappointed, or end up paying exorbitant prices on eBay!

Now before you start freaking out, thinking “TwoMorrows is going out of business!!”, calm down. We’re doing fine, and these steps are to insure we stick around for another 25 years! We’ve got an amazing array of new books and magazines in the works for 2020 (many of which will be unveiled on our website on New Year’s Day). And with your continued support, the best is yet to come. Thanks for being the greatest fans in the world!

Best regards,
John Morrow, publisher