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Back Issue #103 ships today, focusing on all-star Editors of comics

BACK ISSUE #103 (84 FULL-COLOR pages, $8.95) is an ALL-STAR EDITORS Issue! A Pro2Pro roundtable of past and present editors reveal… “How I Beat the Dreaded Deadline Doom”! Plus: retrospectives of ARCHIE GOODWIN and MARK GRUENWALD, a vintage interview with fan-turned-pro E. NELSON BRIDWELL, a career-spanning interview with DIANA SCHUTZ, ALLAN ASHERMAN revisits DC’s ’70s editorial department, Marvel Assistant Editors’ Month, and a history of the most famous editor in comic books, Perry White! Featuring an unpublished alternate cover of 1981’s Captain America #259 by MIKE ZECK! Edited by MICHAEL EURY.

See a free preview and order HERE!

Golden Age great FRANK THOMAS is celebrated in ALTER EGO #151

In ALTER EGO #151 (100 pages, $9.95, shipping TODAY), it’s The Owl! The Eye! Dr. Hypno! Solarman! Fantom of the Fair! These are just some of the fabulous Golden Age heroes drawn by FRANK THOMAS, whose life and times are celebrated by Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt’s MICHAEL T. GILBERT! Also: from Captain Midnight to Korak—from Magic Morro to Magnus, Robot Fighter—the scintillating (and often offbeat) Golden & Silver Age super-heroes of Western Publishing’s DELL & GOLD KEY comics, annotated by STUART FISCHER! Art by MANNING, DITKO, KANE, MARSH, GILL, SPIEGLE, SPRINGER, NORRIS, SANTOS, THORNE, et al.! Plus FCA, BILL SCHELLY, & more!

It’s edited by ROY THOMAS, and you can view a free preview and order HERE!