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Last day for extra 10% off!

JUST A REMINDER! Today’s the last day of our Jack Kirby’s 95th Birthday sale, where ALL orders get an extra 10% off by entering the code “happyjack95” during checkout.

Sale ends today, August 31, so don’t delay!

Support the Kirby4Heroes Campaign

With all the money you’ll save during our big sale, make a donation to the “Kirby4Heroes” campaign by shopping at your local comics shop today, where a percentage of sales will go to the Hero Initiative, which helps comic book creators in need. Click HERE for a video featuring Jack Kirby’s youngest granddaughter Jillian Kirby, or send your donation directly to:

Kirby4Heroes Campaign
c/o The Hero Initiative
11301 Olympic Blvd., #587
Los Angeles, CA 90064

3 days only: Get an extra 10% off with code “happyjack95”

Today is Jack Kirby’s 95th Birthday, and I’m celebrating by giving our customers an extra 10% off everything (except subscriptions) at TWOMORROWS.COM! Now through August 31, just use the code happyjack95 during checkout, and you’ll get 10% off EVERYTHING—even LEGO and non-Kirby items! (Subscriptions are the only thing excluded from this offer.)

PLUS: All Kirby books and mags are already 40% OFF (10% off Kirby digital editions), but use the code happyjack95 for 10% more!

This offer ONLY applies to online orders placed August 28-31, 2012, and is NOT applicable to orders placed prior to August 28. Subscriptions are NOT included in this offer.

Don’t miss our big Kirby Sale, in honor of Jack’s 95th birthday on August 28. All Kirby books and mags are 40% OFF (plus you’ll get 10% off Kirby digital editions).

There’s nearly 70 Kirby-centric titles on sale, including:

• 60 issues of the JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR magazine (including trade paperback collections of the first 30 issues)
• LEE & KIRBY: THE WONDER YEARS (exploring the first decade of the Fantastic Four)
• CAPTAIN VICTORY and SILVER STAR “Graphite Editions” (presenting both epics in their uninked pencil state)
• THE JACK KIRBY CHECKLIST: GOLD EDITION (documenting every published Kirby comic, plus unpublished work, portfolios, and more)
• KIRBY UNLEASHED (a completely remastered Digital Edition of the classic 1970s Kirby portfolio)

You can even pre-order our upcoming Jack Kirby Collector #60 (spotlighting Kirby’s FF work in our new 104-page format) at this discount!

To order from the full list of titles, click on the banner atop our home page.

Don’t miss this convention!

If you long for the good old days when Comic-Con was the San Diego Comic Convention, held at the El Cortez hotel, with actual comic books for sale and no Hollywood shenanigans, don’t miss this great event, being put on the by the original San Diego organizers!

Back in!

Just back from three weeks out west, which included Comic-Con (another successful but crazy show this year), but a week at Yosemite Natl. Park (just breathtaking), and some fun in Los Angeles. I’ll have more later, but thanks to Eric Nolen-Weathington for keeping TwoMorrows running smoothly while we were away!

And now shipping:

Alter Ego #111

Back Issue #58

Draw #23

Jack Kirby Collector #59

BrickJournal #20

Marie Severin: The Mirthful Mistress of Comics

Modern Masters: Eric Powell

And: our Fall 2012 Catalog Update