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Closed for the holidays, but please read…

TwoMorrows will be closed from Monday, December 19 (the 20th anniversary of my 29th birthday, for those of you who want to send me gifts of Jack Kirby original art pages) through Friday, January 6, 2012. I know our readers love their TwoMorrows stuff, and can’t wait to get them. But if you’re concerned about something you ordered that hasn’t arrived, you won’t be able to reach us during our time off, so please keep this in mind before you panic:

1) Please check the RELEASE DATE for any item you ordered. On our home page (, scroll down to the “Upcoming Products” section and you’ll see all the items that haven’t been published yet, and the expected shipping date for them. You may have missed seeing that date when you pre-ordered the item.

2) All orders that were placed prior to midnight, Dec. 18 for in-stock items, WILL be shipped before Christmas by the TwoMorrows elves, who’ll be here packing orders this week till we’re caught up (however, when they’ll arrive depends on the shipping speed you chose, and the whims of the US Postal Service—if you chose the cheaper Media Mail option, you most likely will NOT get it before Dec. 25—and even if you chose Priority Mail, while we mailed it no later than Dec. 19, we can’t control how fast or slow the USPS delivers it.)

3) Any orders placed between Dec. 19-Jan. 6 will be filled the week of January 9, 2012. Again, your choice of shipping speed will determine how soon you actually get it in the mail.

4) While we’re closed, you can still order DIGITAL EDITIONS and get an IMMEDIATE download after you checkout online, providing the item is in-stock.

5) If you’re waiting on a newly published item to arrive in your mailbox, they will be mailed during our vacation, by our mailing house. So if it hasn’t arrived yet, it’s not because it wasn’t mailed. Specifically, we’re talking about:

BrickJournal #16 (it was mailed two weeks ago, but may be running slow getting delivered in some areas due to the holiday mail crunch)

BrickJournal #17 (it will be going in the mail while we’re closed, to anyone who ordered prior to Dec. 18)

Lee & Kirby: The Wonder Years, a.k.a. Jack Kirby Collector #58 (it will be going in the mail while we’re closed, to anyone who ordered prior to Dec. 18)

Modern Masters Vol. 27: Ron Garney (it will be going in the mail while we’re closed, to anyone who ordered prior to Dec. 18)

Alter Ego #106 (it will be going in the mail while we’re closed, to anyone who ordered prior to Dec. 18)

I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukah, Festivus, or whatever other celebration you partake in this time of year. And let’s all look forward to 2012.

TwoMorrows: It’s a new day for comics (and LEGO) fandom!

Back Issue #54 coming in January

Back Issue #54 is on press now, and will be shipping January 18, 2012. The theme is “Liberated Ladies”, and spotlights Big Barda, Valkyrie, Ms. Marvel, Phoenix, Savage She-Hulk, and Starfire (the one with the sword, not the Teen Titan). There’s a “Pro2Pro” interview with creators JILL THOMPSON, GAIL SIMONE, and BARBARA KESEL, and art and/or commentary by JOHN BYRNE, GEORGE PEREZ, JACK KIRBY, MIKE VOSBURG, and more, with a bombastic Big Barda cover by BRUCE TIMM!

A free preview is HERE.

And you can pre-order HERE.

The late Mark Alexander’s labor of love: THE WONDER YEARS

On Dec. 28 (holiday shipping crunch willing), we’ll be releasing LEE & KIRBY: THE WONDER YEARS. It’s really the 58th issue of my mag, The Jack Kirby Collector, but done as a 160-page squarebound edition this one time.

The whole book is written by Mark Alexander, a longtime TJKC contributor and friend, who died last June, just weeks after handing in the final manuscript to me. I hate that he didn’t get to see the final product in printed form, because I know how hard he worked on it. Heck, I know how hard I worked on the layout for it, trying to capture a lot of what Mark and I discussed for the end product. It’s a book I’m extremely proud of, and I think Mark would be as well.

It’s at the printer now, and since this is the 50th anniversary of the Fantastic Four’s debut, I wanted to make sure it was out before 2011 drew to a close. It should just make it under the wire.

The usual: a free PDF preview is HERE. And you can order HERE. Regular Kirby Collector subscribers get it as part of their subscription, but it counts as two issues due to its double-size.

Please give it a look. Mark and I both thought it was an exceptional publication, and I hope you’ll agree.

12 Sales of Christmas!

We’re offering 60-75% off on 12 select items at our webstore, but only through December 19. These great last minute gift items are priced from $5-10, and include:

Comic Book Podcast Companion: only $5
(normally $15.95, save $10.95)

Streetwise: only $5
(normally $19.95, save $14.95)

Modern Masters: In the Studio with Michael Golden DVD: only $10
(normally $29.95, save $24.95)

Nick Cardy: Behind the Art: only $10
(normally $34.95, save $24.95)

I Have To Live With This Guy!: only $5
(normally $19.95, save $14.95)

Best of Write Now: only $5
(normally $19.95, save $14.95)

Comics Introspective: Peter Bagge: only $5
(normally $16.95, save $11.95)

Superheroes In My Pants!: only $5
(normally $12.95, save $7.95)

Comics Gone Ape!: only $5
(normally $16.95, save $11.95)

Comic Book Artist Collection, Vol. 3: only $10
(normally $24.95, save $14.95)

Alter Ego: Best of the Legendary Comics Fanzine: only $5
(normally $21.95, save $16.95)

Comics Above Ground: only $5
(normally $19.95, save $14.95)


NOTE: For the best chance of delivery in the US by Christmas, you MUST select PRIORITY MAIL shipping, and order by Dec. 19. (Outside the US? Sorry, no guarantee of delivery by December 24, but you can still order at these great discounts.)

Quantities at this price are limited. Orders must be placed online at to receive this sale price. Depending on the volume of orders, some items may temporarily run out of stock before Christmas, and have to be shipped in early January. We will notify you by e-mail if an item will be delayed.

TwoMorrows Publishing will be closed from December 20-January 6, and any items ordered during that time will ship the week of January 9. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Get some real Quality in your comics reading

After months of exhaustive research and planning, today the QUALITY COMPANION book was released. It’s a 288-page in-depth look (thick as a phone book!) at the forgotten publisher of Plastic Man and all those other classic heroes that DC Comics acquired from Quality Comics to become the Freedom Fighters. It contains 64 full-color pages of reprints of classic stories by Lou Fine, Will Eisner, Reed Crandall, and others, plus tons of behind-the-scenes info on one of the top publishers of the 1940s (and it’s written by Mike Kooiman and Alter Ego’s Jim Amash, so you know it’s awesome!).

You can download a free preview here.