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Back Issue goes Full-Color with #52

The response to issue #50 of Back Issue was overwhelming positive, in both commentary and sales. So we’re bumping the mag up to full-color permanently starting with #52, shipping Oct. 26. Editor Michael Eury and all his contributors consistently deliver the goods with fascinating articles and great art from comics of the 1970s to today, and this issue’s no exception; full of great mystery work we all grew up with, from BERNIE WRIGHTSON, SERGIO ARAGONÉS, GERRY TALAOC, even DC mystery writer LORE SHOBERG—plus MARK EVANIER and DAN SPIEGLE on their Scooby-Doo comics. Check out the free PDF preview HERE, and ordering details can be found HERE.

Breaking the code

In ALTER EGO #105, editor Roy Thomas looks at the rise and fall of the Comics Code! The coming of the CCA in 1954-55 changed comics greatly—and this issue shows some of the weird (and downright stupid) changes required by the Code, including a complete 1950s story, both before and after Len Darvin and Co. got through with it! Plus we’ve got the usual goodies: FCA (“Fawcett Collectors of America”), MICHAEL T. GILBERT in Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt, JIM AMASH’s interview with Timely/Atlas artist CAL MASSEY, and lots more, with a new cover by JOSH MEDORS!

It ships Oct. 26, and you can download a FREE PDF preview of the issue HERE, and order the print or digital edition HERE.


We just found a handful of “scratch & dent” copies of some of our sold out books and mags, and we’ve just listed them on our webstore in a “LAST CHANCE SALE”. Many of these go for way over cover price on eBay, if you can even find them. But while they last (which won’t be long!), you can get them for 15% off the original cover price (and get the free Digital Edition where available). Here’s the link:

And here’s the list:

Comic Book Artist #21 (the Adam Hughes and John Buscema issue)
Modern Masters Vol. 6: Arthur Adams
Alter Ego #5 and #7
Dick Giordano: Changing Comics, One Day At A Time
Collected Jack Kirby Collector, Vol. 1
Jack Kirby Collector #18, 22, 28, and 47

Go get ’em, tiger!

Draw #21 offers “true grit” comics tips

Dan Panosian and Dean Haspiel are on hand to show you how to give comics “true grit” in Draw #21, which ships September 28. Both gents talk with Mike Manley and Danny Fingeroth (respectively) about their working processes, and show a plethora of examples of their varied work. Rounding out the issue is another installment of “Comic Art Bootcamp”, as editor Mike Manley and Bret Blevins show you how to convincingly draw hair, while Bob McLeod gives a “Rough Critique” of a newcomer’s work.

It’s an 84-page magazine with COLOR for $7.95 print edition (with free digital edition if you order from us), or $2.95 for the digital edition alone. You can order directly from us at THIS LINK.

Print version: $7.95 cover price
Digital Edition: $2.95
Diamond Comic Distributors’ Order Code: JUN111372

Get a FREE PDF preview HERE.

The issue will debut in bookstores and comic book shops on September 28!

3 Kirby books, half-price!

In cleaning out some shelves, I found multiple copies of some DC Kirby collections that I’m making available for sale on our website at half-price. There’s collections of Kirby’s JIMMY OLSEN, MR. MIRACLE, and GREEN ARROW stories, and there’s only a couple of copies of each, so get ’em while they last HERE.

Adrienne Roy’s final interview coming in Back Issue #51

On September 14, BACK ISSUE #51 ships, and editor Michael Eury is featuring a bittersweet interview with the late Adrienne Roy, who passed away in December 2010. Ms. Roy is known for her color work on some of the key DC comics of the 1970s and ’80s (New Teen Titans, among many, many others), and she was even featured as a character in several comics of that era, so loved was she by the creators she worked with. It’s a great tribute to a great lady.

This “all interview” issue also features Part 2 of our STEVE ENGLEHART interview, begun in Alter Ego #103 (released last month). plus “Pro2Pro” interviews between WALTER SIMONSON and ERIK LARSEN, DOUG MOENCH and LEN WEIN, and comics letterers TODD KLEIN and JANICE CHIANG, plus an in-depth discussion with JOHN OSTRANDER. And check out the cover above; that’s one of the last Batman illustrations produced by the late MARSHALL ROGERS, who was Englehart’s partner on Detective Comics.

Here’s the link for a free PDF preview.

It’s a great issue (as usual for Mr. Eury), and you can order here.