Monthly Archives: November 2022

The new Back Issue digs up old reptiles!

Back Issue #140 digs up Dinosaur Comics! Interviews with Xenozoic®’s Mark Schultz and dino-artist extraordinaire William Stout! Plus: Godzilla at Dark Horse, Sauron villain history, Dinosaurs Attack!, Dinosaurs for Hire, Dinosaur Rex, Dino Riders, Lord Dinosaur, and Jurassic Park! Featuring Arthur Adams, Stephen Bissette, Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, Gary Gerani, Randy Stradley, Roy Thomas, and many more. Re-presenting a 1992 Xenozoic® cover by Mark Schultz. Edited by Michael EuryPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

The Charlton Companion is now shipping!

An all-new definitive history of the notorious all-in-one comic book company, from the 1940s Golden Age to the Bronze Age of the ’70s. Examines Dick Giordano’s ’60s “Action Hero Line” featuring Steve Ditko and others (and inspiring Alan Moore’s Watchmen), Joe Staton’s E-Man and John Byrne’s Doomsday +1, and more. By Jon B. Cooke with Michael Ambrose & Frank Motler. See a preview and order your copy here!