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BIG SALE: 30 Items @ 50% Off, through June 30

We’re starting the summer with a huge 50% off sale! Now through June 30, there are 30 items at available at HALF-PRICE, while supplies last.

If you can’t make the rounds of the major comic book conventions this summer because of the economy, this is your chance to pick up some perennial favorites and all-time best sellers at the lowest prices we’ve ever offered. Because of the sale, we probably won’t have many of these books at our upcoming booths at Heroes Con and Comic-Con International, so grab these fantastic bargains while you can!

The full list of items on sale includes:

All-Star Companion, Volume 2 (by Roy Thomas)
Alter Ego: The Best of the Legendary Comics Fanzine (by Roy Thomas and Bill Schelly)
Best of the Legion Outpost (by Glen Cadigan)
Blue Beetle Companion (by Christopher Irving)
BrickJournal Compendium 1 and BrickJournal Compendium 2 (by Joe Meno)
Brush Strokes With Greatness: The Life & Art of Joe Sinnott (by Tim Lasiuta)
Captain Victory: Graphite Edition (by Jack Kirby)
Comic Book Artist Collection – Volume 3 (by Jon B. Cooke)
Comic Book Nerd (by Pete Von Sholly)
Comics Above Ground (by Durwin Talon)
Comics Gone Ape! (by Michael Eury)
Comics Introspective: Peter Bagge (by Christopher Irving)
Crazy Hip Groovy Go-Go Way Out Monsters #29 and #32 (by Pete Von Sholly)
Dick Giordano: Changing Comics One Day At A Time (by Michael Eury)
G-Force: Animated (by George Khoury and Jason Hofius)
I Have To Live With This Guy! (by Blake Bell)
Jack Kirby Checklist: Gold Edition
Justice League Companion (by Michael Eury)
Modern Masters: In The Studio with George Perez DVD
Modern Masters: In The Studio with Michael Golden DVD
Nick Cardy: Behind The Art (by Nick Cardy and Eric Nolen-Weathington)
Silver Star: Graphite Edition (by Jack Kirby)
Streetwise (edited by Jon B. Cooke and John Morrow)
Superheroes In My Pants (by Mark Evanier)
The Art of George Tuska (by Dewey Cassell)
Titans Companion, Volume 2 (by Glen Cadigan)
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Companion (by Jon B. Cooke)
Wallace Wood Checklist

There’s a big banner atop our home page; click it, and you’ll go right to the list of books on sale.

ROUGH STUFF is 50% off through May

Short and sweet: Now through May 31, all 12 issues of ROUGH STUFF magazine are available for 50% off cover price! This offer is only good for online orders, so stock up on any issues you missed at the best price we’ve ever offered–and stay tuned for an exciting upcoming announcement about the future of this fan-favorite magazine!

How ’bout those Hurricanes?!

Several years ago, some crazy person decided that here in North Carolina (right in the middle of basketball country), we needed a hockey team. It sounded kinda crazy to me, until I actually went to my first game. Since then, I’ve followed our Carolina Hurricanes team whenever I could, especially during their big Stanley Cup victory season a couple of years ago.

This year, the ‘Canes are in the Stanley Cup playoffs again, having made it through two rounds (with exciting last-minute victories, which they’re known for), and start the conference finals tonight against the Pittsburgh Penguins. I’m amazed at how the Hurricanes manage to keep pulling out wins, against teams that, on paper, should be much better than they are. I just wish they’d stop taking it down to the last minute on every series; it’d be nice to win 4 games and move on for once!

I took my family to a fast food restaurant for lunch yesterday, and while I was waiting to order, I looked over and Eric Stohl and Scott Walker (two key Hurricanes, if you don’t follow hockey) were standing in line right in front of me. Real nice guys; I chatted with Walker briefly about their Game 7 win in overtime against the Boston Bruins the other night. Before we were done eating, six of the players had shown up there for lunch. One customer who happened to be eating there that day, was wearing his Hurricanes jersey and hat. I sat and watched to see if he’d notice; after a couple of minutes, he happened to look over to the table where the players were, and did a big double-take; it was really fun to watch. As the players were leaving, they ended up signing autographs for several of the customers.

If you’ve never been to a hockey game, go; I’m confident you’ll love it, and it’s an entirely different experience from watching it on TV. I never thought I’d be hooked on it, until I saw it in person. Give it a shot sometime!

Phone’s back

Finally got our old number properly transferred to our new phone provider, so you can now reach us again at our usual phone number:


Last Chance Sale at TwoMorrows

Effective immediately, we’re offering readers one last chance to purchase formerly sold out items at

Our website now features a “Last Chance Sale” category, listing 18 items that have long been unavailable. We recently acquired a handful of copies of these key publications from a distributor, some with minor scuffs or dings, but all fully readable. We’re offering these items at 15% off the original cover price, and they include:

AGAINST THE GRAIN (a heavily-illustrated biography of artist Wallace Wood)

ALL-STAR COMPANION VOLUME 1 (Roy Thomas’ celebration of the Justice Society of America)

THE LEGION COMPANION (documenting the history of the Legion of Super-Heroes)

THE DARK AGE (a look at grim and gritty comics of the 1990s)

TRUE BRIT (George Khoury’s celebration of the great comic book artists of the UK)

COMIC BOOK & OTHER NECESSITIES OF LIFE and WERTHAM WAS RIGHT! (Mark Evanier’s first two collections of “POV” columns)

plus other books, and sold out issues of DRAW!, WRITE NOW, and COMIC BOOK ARTIST

For some items, there is only a single remaining copy, and all items are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with all items sold in “as-is” condition. Customers should look for the “Last Chance Sale” category in the upper left of TwoMorrows’ home page for the full listings. Purchases can be made with major credit card or Paypal by clicking the “Add To Cart” button on each item’s description page, then logging in and checking out. If an item is listed as “Sold Out”, all remaining copies have already been purchased.

So don’t delay; get ’em before they’re gone!

Our phone’s on the fritz

TwoMorrows is in the process of switching phone companies, and as you’d expect, one of them managed to screw up our number transfer. So if you’re trying to reach TwoMorrows over the next few days, you’ll get an “out of service” message if you call our usual number. (Don’t worry, we’re not going out of business–although I hope our old phone provider does!).

We hope to have it back working shortly, but in the meantime, if you need to reach us, please call this temporary number:


E-mail, fax, and website are all working as normal. Sorry for the inconvenience!