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Unholy Terror: Kirby Columnist’s Comic Kickstarter!

Adam McGovern has been chronicling Kirby-influenced work for The Jack Kirby Collector since 1997 — and making some of his own news with neo-pop collaborator Paolo Leandri in the Ignatz-nominated Dr. Id and an Alias the Spider story for Image Comics’ Next Issue Project. The team’s newest work (with color-artist Dom Regan of Paul Pope’s One Trick Rip-Off) is NIGHTWORLD, a superhorror romantic tragedy that will please any fans of Jack Kirby’s Demon and draws on B-masterpiece monster movies and multiple geek-culture genres for a wild ride of postmodern pulp pathos, action and unexpected humor! A publisher is expected soon, but payment in these days of indie do-it-yourself is the creators’ own job so a Kickstarter campaign is running through October 7 to finish funding the project. Click the screen above or this link ( to see how you can help NIGHTWORLD see the light of day!

Mr. Morrow on Mr. Media

Wanna see my gruesome mug plastered across your computer screen, talking about TwoMorrows’ history and upcoming stuff? Check out the interview Bob Andelman just completed with me for his Mr. Media video podcast site, linked here.