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2018 Eisner Award nominations for Jack Kirby Collector and Alter Ego!

Just announced: Two 2018 Eisner Award nominations for TwoMorrows Publishing! In the category of Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism, both JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR and ALTER EGO are nominated!
The complete list of nominations is HERE!
And if you’re a comics professional in any capacity, you’re eligible to vote HERE!
Deadline to vote is June 15, but go ahead and get ‘er done today so you don’t forget!

Back Issue #104 (Fourth World after Kirby) ships today!

Discover the FOURTH WORLD AFTER KIRBY and the evolution of the NEW GODS in BACK ISSUE #104, shipping today!

Explore the enduring legacy of JACK KIRBY’s DC characters: The Return(s) of the New Gods, Why Can’t Mister Miracle Escape Cancellation?, the Forever People, MIKE MIGNOLA’s unrealized New Gods animated movie, the Fourth World in Hollywood, and more. With an all-star lineup, including the work of JOHN BYRNE, PARIS CULLINS, J. M. DeMATTEIS, MARK EVANIER, MICHAEL GOLDEN, RICK HOBERG, WALTER SIMONSON, and more! Cover by STEVE RUDE, re-presenting his variant cover for 2015’s Convergence #6. Edited by MICHAEL EURY.

You can preview the issue, and order HERE!

TwoMorrows’ older Digital Editions increase by $1 on June 1 – stock up now!

Stock up on TwoMorrows’ older digital editions before June 1, and beat the price increase!

Older PDF Digital Editions (more than a year old) ordered from increase by $1 on JUNE 1. So older $3.95 digital back issues will now be $4.95, just like new issues.

We wanted to give you fair warning, rather than sneak in a price increase unexpectedly. A lot of internal business concerns went into this decision, and it’s one we didn’t make lightly. After years at our current prices, this will keep them more in line with our print versions and in-app pricing (but downloading digital books and mags directly from us still costs less than app purchases, since Apple and Google don’t get a cut of our webstore sales). So if you missed any digital back issues, get ’em now and save $1 each!

Jack Kirby Checklist: CENTENNIAL EDITION is now shipping!

Shipping today is the new, improved JACK KIRBY CHECKLIST: CENTENNIAL EDITION! Besides now being a Limited Edition Hardcover (only 1000 copies), it’s now 270 pages (more than DOUBLE the size of the 2008 Gold Edition; compare the size difference in the image here). We originally planned for 256 pages, but simply couldn’t fit it all in, so we sprang for those extra pages at no extra cost to you. Preview and order at:
This is truly definitive: fully updated through Jack’s 100th birthday in August 2017, with detailed listings of all of Kirby’s published work, reprints, magazines, books, foreign editions, newspaper strips, fine art and collages, fanzines, essays, interviews, portfolios, posters, radio and TV appearances, and even Jack’s unpublished work!
I am so immensely proud of this book, and of the tireless work that Richard Kolkman put into compiling, correcting, and updating all the data for the last 20+ years. Diamond snatched up most of the copies, so if you didn’t pre-order, do so now at the link above, or at your local comics shop using Diamond Order Code JAN181989.

A “banner” day: RetroFan #1 goes to press (did you pre-order yours?)

It’s a “banner” day for Back Issue editor Michael Eury, as he unpacks some of our marketing materials he’ll be using to promote TwoMorrows new pop culture magazine RetroFan, which he’s also editing!

RetroFan #1 is literally going to press today, and strong orders mean a sell-out is likely once it ships in late June. To insure you get a copy, preview and pre-order it from us at, ask your local comic book shop to get it using Diamond Order Code MAR181967, or try your luck getting it on Barnes & Noble‘s magazine racks in July!

And Michael Eury?’s first stop is at the Charlotte Comicon (at the Concord NC Convention Center) this Sunday, April 15! Go see ‘em!

The most important Silver Age comic book artist/writer you never heard of, in Alter Ego #152

Alter Ego #152 ships today, featuring LARRY IVIE, the the most important Silver Age comic book artist/writer you never heard of! He conceived (and named!) the Justice League of America—he helped develop the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents—he brought EC art greats to the world of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and more. Learn about this unsung star’s career, with art by Wood, Frazetta, Crandall, Krenkel, and others. It ships today! Preview the issue here.

Order the Print Edition at your local comic book shop using Diamond Order Code: JAN181983

This issue will be in stores tomorrow, and already shipped to subscribers, so should arrive in the mail any time now.

New MIKE GRELL biography just announced!

We just added our new Mike Grell biography (by Dewey Cassell, with Jeff Messer) to our website!

Mike Grell: Life Is Drawing Without An Eraser ships September 5, 2018, and is available in both Softcover and a Limited Hardcover Edition. Here’s details, and links to pre-order:

160 full-color pages
$27.95 (save 15% when you pre-order at

Limited Hardcover Edition (limited to 1000 copies)
176 full-color pages (includes 16 bonus pages not in the Softcover edition)
$37.95 (save 15% when you pre-order at

Two new mags ship today: BrickJournal #50 and Back Issue #61: Longbox Edition

The “Longbox Edition” reprint (standard magazine size) of sold-out Back Issue #61 ships today! It looks at “Tabloids and Treasuries,” spotlighting every all-new tabloid from the 1970s, and a checklist of reprint treasury editions. (This issue is not part of your subscription, and must be ordered separately!)

Preview and order it here!

Or get a copy at your local comic book shop using Diamond Order Code: DEC171889

The double-size BrickJournal #50 also ships today, as the magazine for LEGO enthusiasts celebrates its golden anniversary! (This book-length edition counts at TWO issues of your subscription.)

Preview the issue, and order it here!

Or subscribe now so you don’t miss an issue!

You can also find this issue at and on newsstands in April, or at your local comic book shop using Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: NOV175541

IN PREVIEWS NOW: Back Issue #106, Comic Book Implosion, Draw #35, and more!

Check out what TwoMorrows Publishing has listed in Diamond’s latest Previews catalog! To see FULL listings of all items, CLICK HERE!

Edited by Michael EURY
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: APR181834

History of the 1978 “DC IMPLOSION”!
By Keith DALLAS and John WELLS
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: APR181839

DRAW #35 – NEW!
Fantasy/sci-fi illustrator DONATO GIANCOLA!
Edited by Mike MANLEY
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: APR181835