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Old Gods & New (the double-size Jack Kirby Collector #80) is now shipping!

You can preview and order the Softcover here, or the Limited Hardcover here!

This companion to DC Comics’ “Fourth World” series looks back at Jack Kirby’s own words, as well as those of assistants Mark Evanier and Steve Sherman, inker Mike Royer, and publisher Carmine Infantino, to determine how it came about, where it was going, and how Kirby would’ve ended it before it was prematurely cancelled by DC Comics! It also examines Kirby’s use of gods in Thor and other strips prior to the Fourth World, how they influenced his DC epic, and affected later series like The Eternals and Captain Victory.

Our Secret Half-price Book of the Month for June is…

THE QUALITY COMPANION! Get it for 50% off here!

THE QUALITY COMPANION presents an extensive look at the Golden Age publisher of UNCLE SAM, PHANTOM LADY, BLACK CONDOR, THE RAY, HUMAN BOMB, DOLL MAN, PLASTIC MAN, the BLACKHAWKS, and others now under the DC Comics umbrella. Includes A-Z character profiles of every Quality costumed hero, and full-color reprints of several 1940s key stories with art by LOU FINE, REED CRANDALL, JACK COLE, CHUCK CUIDERA, MATT BAKER, WILL EISNER, and others! There’s a chronology and oral history with commentary by major Quality creators, plus it covers the characters’ revivals from the 1960s to today that introduced the Quality characters into the DC Comics universe, and the Freedom Fighters’ own series. Written by Mike Kooiman with Jim Amash.

When June ends, so does this half-price offer, so get yours today!