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Sold-out MAGAZINES added to the Scratch & Dent sale!

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In addition to books, we just added numerous SOLD OUT MAGAZINES to our Scratch & Dent sale, all at 15% off!

In many cases, we only found ONE COPY of these out of print issues of Alter Ego, Back Issue, Draw, Comic Book Artist, BrickJournal, Rough Stuff, Write Now, and more, so don’t delay. It’s your LAST CHANCE to get these!

All are fully readable, but may have dinged corners, minor scuffs on covers, etc. (Each comes with a free Digital Edition, where available.) Included are:

Alter Ego #3, 14, 15, 50, 56, and 70
Back Issue #3, 6, 7, 9, 12, 16, 17, 21, 56
BrickJournal #2, 14
Comic Book Artist #15, 21, 23, 25
Draw #6
Rough Stuff #1
Write Now #1, 2, 7

Plus several sold-out books! See the full list HERE!

IN PREVIEWS NOW: Alter Ego, Kirby, Draw, BrickJournal, & last chance for Back Issue #90!

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Check out what TwoMorrows Publishing has listed in Diamond’s latest Previews catalog! To see FULL listings of all items, CLICK HERE!

All our publications are now in the front “Comics & Graphic Novels” section, alphabetically in the “TwoMorrows” section (except for LEGO items, which are under “Lego” in the Magazine section).

SPECIAL NOTICE: Back Issue #90 is being offered again in this month’s Previews, and like #88 and #89 before it, we expect it to sell out completely after Diamond’s order is placed. Don’t miss this final chance for a copy, either from, or through Diamond!

This month, we have:

Alter Ego #145

Jack Kirby Collector #70

Draw #33

BrickJournal #44

Back Issue #90

The MLJ Companion

The Batcave Companion

Michael Eury’s HERO-A-GO-GO is a go (go)!


We just posted an online preview of Back Issue editor Michael Eury’s incredibly fun (and deeply researched) book Hero-A-Go-Go!  It’s all about the Camp Craze of the 1960s, from comics and TV shows to toys to… well, just take a gander and see for yourself. It ships in April, and you can see the preview and preorder HERE!

Scratch & Dent sale on long sold-out TwoMorrows titles!

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We’ve just found a bunch of Scratch & Dent copies of older, long sold-out TwoMorrows titles!

All are fully readable, but may have dinged corners or scuffed covers. But these are the ABSOLUTE FINAL COPIES you’ll find without paying exhorbitant eBay prices, so check out the list HERE!

It includes these titles, all at 15% off the original cover price:

• Modern Masters books on Bruce Timm, Garcia-Lopez, and Kevin Nowlan
• Kirby Unleashed (remastered)
• Panel Discussions
• Justice League Companion
• Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore
• I Have To Live With This Guy!
• and more!

In some cases, there’s only ONE copy left, so don’t delay!

Don’t wait to order recent TwoMorrows mags!

It’s happened again: Back Issue #89 is now sold out, just like #88 last month!

Due to recent changes with our distributors, TwoMorrows is experiencing unprecedented levels of reorder activity on our magazines. We expect similar sell-outs over the next few months, for Back Issue #90-93, as well as recent issues of Alter Ego (#140-143), Jack Kirby Collector (#67-69), Draw (#31-32), and Comic Book Creator (#11-13), once Diamond’s reorders come in.
Comic Book Creator #11 is probably the next to go. With its amazing feature on Gil Kane, it’s already in low supply, so if you missed it, consider going to this link to order:

And if you’ve been delaying getting other recent issues, don’t wait much longer. While we plan to increase our print runs to compensate for demand on future issues, it’s too late for any that are already printed.

Bottom Line: We can no longer guarantee copies will be available for long after initial release! To ensure you don’t miss an issue:

• Pre-order through our website ( at 15% off
• Subscribe online at:
• Order through Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog as soon as you see each new issue listed

Don’t wait for a relisting, convention, or sale. Many recent issues are close to selling out, so order now!

TwoMorrows at NYCC, booth #1308, with 40% off many items, and signings!


TwoMorrows is gearing up for a trip to the Big Apple this week, for the New York Comic-Con!

Stop by booth #1038 for a whopping 40% off most older items at our booth. Plus, we’ll have copies of our latest issues of Back Issue, Alter Ego, Jack Kirby Collector, Comic Book Creator, and Draw magazines!

On Saturday (Oct. 8) at 1pm, author George Khoury will be signing copies of his new book Comic Book Fever, celebrating the era of comics from 1976-1986, covering all the things that made those comics great—the top artists, the coolest stories, and even the best ads!

Also on Saturday at 2pm, co-authors Paul Castiglia and Jon B. Cooke will be on hand to sign copies of our latest release, The MLJ Companion, documenting the complete history of Archie Comics’ super-hero characters known as the “Mighty Crusaders”—The Shield, Black Hood, Steel Sterling, Hangman, Mr. Justice, The Fly, and many others, from their Golden Age debuts, up through today’s “Dark Circle” line.

And throughout the con, stop by and talk to Modern Masters editor Eric Nolen-Weathington about what he’s got planned for upcoming volumes in the series, and American Comic Book Chronicles editor Keith Dallas for updates on our next three volumes on 1940-44, 1945-49, and the 1990s!