Monthly Archives: September 2015

A big issue on little LEGO building!

We spotlight Microscale building in BrickJournal #36, which is shipping now. You won’t believe how these builders can get to the essence of a design, eliminate extraneous details, and capture the look they’re after with fewer and smaller LEGO bricks. Check out the free preview and order by clicking the link above.

Go Brick To School with BrickJournal for 40% off

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Through September 14, we’re having our Brick To School sale on all our LEGO books and magazines. So it’s the best time to complete your collection of BrickJournal magazine, or try out our books on Minifigure Customizing and our You Can Build It Lego instruction books.

Just click the banner at the top of and you’ll be taken to the full list of Lego items. Happy building!