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Last day for half-price mags, and NEW cheaper international shipping!

Our half-price magazine sale ends tomorrow (Sept. 30), and what a sale it’s been! We put nearly 300 issues at 50% off, and have been overwhelmed with the response (to the point that we’ve been running about a week behind on shipping; we’ve managed to cut it down to about 3 days behind as of this writing, so thanks to all our customers for their patience!).

For a long time, we’ve been hearing from our international customers about how expensive shipping from the US is, but haven’t found a solution. We currently offer First Class Mail International service for packages weighing up to 4 lbs., and anything larger than that has to go by Priority Mail International (which is fast, but much more expensive). That’s all the US Postal Service offered us (they did away with “surface” mail more than a year ago)—or so I thought. A very savvy overseas customer mentioned “M-bags” to me the other day, and I honestly had never heard of them.

After some investigating, I discovered M-bags are ideal for overseas packages weighing at least 11 lbs. (you can ship less than that amount, but you get charged the full 11 lb. rate), and up to 66 lbs. They’re slow (6-8 week delivery, like the old “Surface Mail”), but much cheaper. So now, we’ve got a much less expensive international shipping option for packages larger than 4 lbs.

TwoMorrows Tune-In #24

TwoMorrows Tune-In #24

This month on the show, host Chris Marshall is solo on this short installment and goes over all the details on the current TwoMorrow’s Magazine Sale. He also runs down the September 2009 releases.

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e-mail Chris with questions and/or comments. He may even read it on the next Tune-In!

Just imagine…

An imaginary tale:

Suppose in some far-off other dimension, Marvel Comics was bought out by, oh, say, Disney. And Disney already had excellent bookstore distribution in place. And we knew Disney didn’t put any real effort into producing Direct Market comic books of their characters, since they licensed them out to companies like Gemstone and Boom! Studios instead of creating the comics themselves. So we’d assume the Direct Market really didn”t mean much at all to Disney, and they wouldn’t care whether it lived or died.

If, in this mythical world, this buy-out actually happened, it would seem to me that Disney, soon after taking possession of Marvel, would consolidate all of its lucrative bookstore distribution (of both Marvel and Disney properties) into one place—and I’d bet it wouldn’t be at little ol’ Diamond. And if Marvel pulled its bookstore material out of Diamond, Diamond would be in serious danger of collapse, leaving the Direct Market without its one main distributor, and all the comics shops and publishers would be looking for a very large paddle to get them up that creek.

And even if that didn’t happen, I’d bet that, in this imaginary world, some clever corporate person at DC/Time Warner would be smart or scared enough to at least imagine it could happen, and would start taking steps to come up with a contingency plan for DC’s Direct Market distribution, figuring, “Hey, if there’s even a chance Marvel might do it, we better be prepared.”

And wouldn’t you suppose that, even if Marvel wasn’t really planning to pull their stuff from Diamond, some honcho there would find out that DC was making alternative plans, so they’d figure, “Hey, if DC’s doing it, we might as well do it anyway,” making it even more likely to happen.

And just for the sake of argument, let’s suppose that DC’s contingency plan revolved around some rumored “right of first refusal” to buy Diamond that was part of an exclusivity agreement Diamond got DC to sign the last time Marvel took distribution into its own hands, during that Heroes World debacle of the 1990s. That could leave DC/Time Warner owning Diamond, and distributing all the Direct Market product (including Marvel’s, assuming that Disney didn’t try to start its own Direct Market distribution system).

And wouldn’t you imagine that the Steve Geppi of this other dimension, reportedly plagued with some financial woes and already enacting major cost-cutting measures at Diamond, would jump at the chance to sell the whole shebang if a decent offer came along.

Just imagine:

A world with no Diamond.
(Goodbye paper comics industry, hello Internet?)

A world where Diamond was owned by DC.
(Where would that leave all the smaller publishers?)

A world where DC distributed Marvel’s comics to the Direct Market.
(Would DC limit Marvel to, say, 8 titles to the Direct Market, a la the deal Martin Goodman had with DC in the early 1960s?)

So many questions…

All I know is, I wouldn’t want to be a small Direct Market publisher in an imaginary universe like that one.

I’m just sayin’…

Our Half-Price Magazine Sale is on!

Now through September 30, virtually ALL of our in-stock magazines are on sale for half-price!

An awful lot of people have enjoyed our magazines over the last 15 years, and this is their chance to fill the holes in their collections without leaving holes in their wallets. By my rough count, there’s well over 200 different issues on sale. So for about the price of the Digital Edition of one of our mags, you can get the print version—and in many cases, you’ll get a Digital Edition thrown in for free.

The sale includes issues of:

Back Issue!
Jack Kirby Collector
Alter Ego
Rough Stuff!
Write Now!
Comic Book Artist

plus other miscellaneous humor and one-shot magazines, each at 50% off cover price. The only magazine-related items excluded from this sale are subscriptions and the most recent and upcoming issues of each magazine. As a bonus, we’ve got a selection of books that are also offered at 50% off during the sale period.

PLEASE: Don’t try to get the sale price by mail order or phone. It’s only valid for orders placed at through the end of September, and does not include shipping costs. (If we have to manually process a zillion orders by mail or phone, we’ll never get them all shipped out, so please order ONLINE ONLY!)

There’s a special “Half-Price Mags” category is listed atop the TwoMorrows’ home page, which includes the issues on sale. So get to it! And enjoy!

Rave reviews for Captain Action!

Our new, updated, full-color hardcover version of Michael Eury’s Captain Action: The Original Superhero Action Figure is now shipping, and the reviews are starting to pour in. Check out this one from Gemstone’s “Scoop”:

The book debuted at Comic-Con (with a very limited number of copies), and was featured at special events at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, and at Midtown Comics and Jim Hanley’s Universe in New York last week. Thanks for Ed Catto and Joe Ahearn of Captain Action Enterprises for all their help getting the word out about it! (And be sure to check out the continuing adventures of the Captain in his current series from Moonstone Publishing.)