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TwoMorrows’ BLACK (and white) FRIDAY SALE is on! 45% off B&W & LEGO® mags!

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Now through December 5, TwoMorrows Publishing is offering 45% OFF all our older Black & White print magazines! This includes:

Alter Ego (up to issue #106, including Alter Ego: Centennial)
Back Issue (up to issue #51)
Comic Book Artist (all issues)
Draw (up to issue #24)
Jack Kirby Collector (up to issue #60, including Kirby Five-Oh! and Lee & Kirby: The Wonder Years)
Rough Stuff (all issues)

PLUS: All BrickJournal and LEGO-related publications (including our Minifigure Customization and You Can Build It books) are also 45% off!

So it’s a great time to stock up for the holidays, as a gift for someone else, or treat yourself and complete your collection!

BONUS: We’ve also included all our SCRATCH & DENT items (slightly scuffed or dinged copies of long sold-out books & mags) in this 45% off sale. In many cases, only one copy is left, so don’t delay!

The sale is for ONLINE orders only, placed at our website through 12:01am EST on Dec. 5, 2016. It only applies to PRINT copies, but a free digital edition is included where available (except for scratch & dent copies, which are print only). New and upcoming issues are not part of this sale, but are available at our everyday 15% off discount.

Happy birthday, Roy Thomas!


Today is Roy Thomas’ birthday. I won’t be so ungentlemanly as to make mention that he’s 76 today; that would just be rude. But best wished to our friend and fellow TwoMorrows editor!

And for those who missed it, above is most of the Mega Jam Drawing we put together last year for Roy’s 75th, featuring contributions by an all-star lineup of artists. Parts of it ran through these mags, to assemble into one giant image:

Alter Ego #136
Back Issue #85
Comic Book Creator #10
Jack Kirby Collector #66
Draw #31
BrickJournal #37
Alter Ego #137

If you missed it, snag those issues before they’re gone!

Michael Kaluta & Ramona Fradon shine in Comic Book Creator #13



Comic Book Creator #13 ships today, spotlighting Shadow artist supreme Michael W. Kaluta, and the amazing Ramona Fradon, artist on Aquaman, Metamorpho, Super-Friends, or Spongebob Squarepants! And, as if those features aren’t enough, Jay Lynch reveals the Wacky Pack Men, the Topps team who created the MAD-inspired (and subversive) trading cards that influenced an entire generation!

Who knows what amazing talents lurk in the comics biz? CBC knows, as does editor Jon B. Cooke. You can view a free preview and order the Print Edition (at 15% off with a free digital edition) or Digital Edition only (just $3.95) HERE.

You can subscribe HERE!

Or order the Print Edition at your local comic book shop using Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: APR162001

This issue will be in stores on Wednesday, November 23, and ships TODAY directly from TwoMorrows Publishing.

Sold-out MAGAZINES added to the Scratch & Dent sale!

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In addition to books, we just added numerous SOLD OUT MAGAZINES to our Scratch & Dent sale, all at 15% off!

In many cases, we only found ONE COPY of these out of print issues of Alter Ego, Back Issue, Draw, Comic Book Artist, BrickJournal, Rough Stuff, Write Now, and more, so don’t delay. It’s your LAST CHANCE to get these!

All are fully readable, but may have dinged corners, minor scuffs on covers, etc. (Each comes with a free Digital Edition, where available.) Included are:

Alter Ego #3, 14, 15, 50, 56, and 70
Back Issue #3, 6, 7, 9, 12, 16, 17, 21, 56
BrickJournal #2, 14
Comic Book Artist #15, 21, 23, 25
Draw #6
Rough Stuff #1
Write Now #1, 2, 7

Plus several sold-out books! See the full list HERE!

IN PREVIEWS NOW: Alter Ego, Kirby, Draw, BrickJournal, & last chance for Back Issue #90!

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Check out what TwoMorrows Publishing has listed in Diamond’s latest Previews catalog! To see FULL listings of all items, CLICK HERE!

All our publications are now in the front “Comics & Graphic Novels” section, alphabetically in the “TwoMorrows” section (except for LEGO items, which are under “Lego” in the Magazine section).

SPECIAL NOTICE: Back Issue #90 is being offered again in this month’s Previews, and like #88 and #89 before it, we expect it to sell out completely after Diamond’s order is placed. Don’t miss this final chance for a copy, either from, or through Diamond!

This month, we have:

Alter Ego #145

Jack Kirby Collector #70

Draw #33

BrickJournal #44

Back Issue #90

The MLJ Companion

The Batcave Companion

Michael Eury’s HERO-A-GO-GO is a go (go)!


We just posted an online preview of Back Issue editor Michael Eury’s incredibly fun (and deeply researched) book Hero-A-Go-Go!  It’s all about the Camp Craze of the 1960s, from comics and TV shows to toys to… well, just take a gander and see for yourself. It ships in April, and you can see the preview and preorder HERE!