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Mega-Mag Sale! 50% off magazines!

Now through June 30, we’re having a MEGA-MAG SALE, with 50% OFF all but our last year’s print magazines! This is your best chance to save big, while completing your collection of:

Alter Ego
Back Issue
Comic Book Artist
Comic Book Creator
Jack Kirby Collector
Rough Stuff
even BrickJournal (our magazine for LEGO fans)

Word or warning: Many of our last year’s mags are close to selling out (several already have), but those newer ones are still available at 15% off. So scoop ’em up before they’re gone!

This sale does NOT include recent, new, or upcoming issues, or digital editions. But some of these print issues are actually CHEAPER than the separate digital edition, and have the digital edition is included FREE. And only ONLINE orders are eligible for these sale prices.

In Previews Now: BACK ISSUE #100!

Check out what TwoMorrows Publishing has listed in Diamond’s latest Previews catalog:
100-PAGE CENTENNIAL ISSUE featuring Bronze Age Fanzines and Fandom!
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: JUN172037
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: JUN172038
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: JUN172040
DRAW #33
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: JUN172039
HERO-A-GO-GO (softcover)
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: JUN172042
COMIC BOOK FEVER (softcover)
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: JUN172041
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: JUN172044
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BRICKJOURNAL #15 (LEGO Mecha issue!)
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: JUN172338

Jack Kirby Collector #71 is now shipping!

AE49 Trial Cover.qxd

Jack Kirby Collector #71 is now shipping! It presents the second of two bookend issues: Last issue was Kirby: Alpha, and this issue is Kirby: Omega! It looks at endings, deaths, and Anti-Life in the Kirbyverse, including poignant losses and passings from such series as New Gods, Kamandi, Fantastic Four, Losers, Thor, Demon and others! Plus: A rare Kirby interview, the 2016 Silicon Valley Comic-Con Kirby Panel, Mark Evanier, unpublished pencil art galleries, and more! Cover inked by, and interview with, Walter Simonson! Edited by John Morrow.

You can view a free preview and order the Print Edition (at 15% off with a FREE digital edition) or Digital Edition Only (just $4.95) HERE!

Or subscribe HERE! (It’s 15% off through May 31!)

Or order the Print Edition at your local comic book shop using Diamond Order Code: FEB172033

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And be sure to pre-order KIRBY100, our 100th birthday celebration for Jack Kirby, available HERE!

Now through May 28, get 15% off ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS!

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For the first time ever, we’re discounting all magazine subscriptions 15%! So whether you’re a new subscriber or want to renew, this is the time to save:

ALTER EGO (save $9.75)
BACK ISSUE (save $10.95)

and BRICKJOURNAL, the magazine for LEGO® Fans (save $9)

This offer is good for online orders for PRINT SUBSCRIPTIONS ONLY, through Sunday, May 28, so go here to order:

Or go to and click on the banner at the top of the page, to be taken to the full list for ordering. The 15% discount is based on the regular price for a US Economy subscription, but that dollar amount is also deducted from all Expedited, Premium, and International subscriptions as well.

Happy reading!

Back Issue #96 ships today!


Go behind-the-scenes of 1980s MARVEL FANFARE in BACK ISSUE #96! It features an exclusive chat with Editori-Al himself, Al Milgrom. Plus it includes interviews with and art by Arthur Adams, Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, Steve Englehart, Michael Golden, Roger McKenzie, Frank Miller, Doug Moench, Ann Nocenti, George Pérez, Marshall Rogers, Paul Smith, Ken Steacy, Charles Vess, and many more! As always, it’s edited by the amazing Michael Eury.

You can view a free preview and order the Print Edition HERE!

Subscribe HERE!

Or order it at your local comic book shop using Diamond Order Code: FEB172031

I’m a Special Guest at Comic-Con!


The fine folks at Comic-Con International have invited me to be a Special Guest for this year’s San Diego Con! To say I’m overwhelmed by the honor is a colossal understatement, and while I don’t want to discount the impact TwoMorrows has made on the industry over the last 23 years, I’m sure the fact that it’s Jack Kirby’s 100th Birthday also had something to do with it.

When I published (or more accurately, hand-xeroxed and mailed 125 copies of) The Jack Kirby Collector #1 back in September of 1994, I had no idea where it would take me—just that it was my heartfelt tribute to the comics creator who’d had such a profound effect on me. Now, TJKC is taking me back to the event where I finally got to meet Jack and his charming with Roz, and I’ve been working overtime to make sure I bring something exciting for fans attending the non-stop Kirby Party there this year.

I’m already hard at work on Jack Kirby Collector #72, and Jon B. Cooke and I are close to wrapping up KIRBY100, our all-star celebration by 100 top pros, critiquing key images from Kirby’s career. Both of these will debut at the Con, at good old Booth #1301, our usual spot next to the Golden & Silver Age Pavilion.

There’ll also be a plethora of Kirby-related panels and events featuring Kirby collaborators, family and friends, and I’m putting together a multi-media presentation about Jack’s life and career, and how he’s been intrinsically intertwined with just about everything I’ve done at TwoMorrows Publishing. I plan to take this presentation to several other conventions through the end of 2017, but Comic-Con is the first place I’ll be on hand to present it myself.

If you’ve never been to Comic-Con, and you love Jack Kirby’s work, this is the year to go. Scoring tickets is a lot harder than it was in Jack’s days there, but trust me: it’ll be worth the effort. I look forward to seeing you there!