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WonderCon Sale! 30% Off Print, 20% Off digital, this weekend only!

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Save on our books & mags during the WONDERCON SALE at, now through Monday, April 3! Get over 30% off print items, and 20% off digital editions this weekend only!
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And visit us this weekend at WonderCon booth #918 for this same sale!

CBA Collection, Vol. 3 sold out; others going fast!


We just sold our final copy of Comic Book Artist Collection, Volume 3. Thanks to all our fans for giving it such a long, happy life!

If you haven’t checked out our current CLEARANCE SALE, give it a quick look. Many other items are close to selling out, so this may be your last shot at getting them (and they’re on sale to boot!). You can find the sale list HERE!

New Kirby Collector ships today (can you believe it’s 70 issues now?!)

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Hard for me to believe that, today, we’re shipping issue #70 of The Jack Kirby Collector. Time’s blown by since I was standing at my local Eckerd Drugs store, hand-xeroxing 125 copies of the first issue of my humble little 16-page fanzine. We’ve come a long way from there, but based on the number of longtime customers and comments we have, I think the love and commitment of those early years is still going strong in TJKC.

#70 is the first half of a two-part theme: KIRBY: ALPHA (#70) on beginnings in Kirby’s work, and KIRBY: OMEGA (#71) on endings in the Kirbyverse. You can preview #70 HERE.

And I’m hard at work wrapping #71 to go to press by the end of this month, so we can keep these issues coming out on time. Great things are coming in Kirbyland for Jack’s 100th Birthday this summer, so stay tuned!

45-75% Off Clearance Sale at TwoMorrows


Don’t miss the 45-70% OFF CLEARANCE SALE on select items at TwoMorrows!

Many of these items are nearly sold out, so don’t delay!
It’s your last chance to get print editions of:

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Teen Titans Companion, Vol. 2 – regular $26.95, only $8.09
Comic Book Artist Collection, Vol. 3 – regular $24.95, only $7.49
Comics Above Ground – regular $19.95, only $5.99
SIGNED Modern Masters: George Perez DVD – reg. $29.95, only $15
Modern Masters: Michael Golden DVD – regular $19.95, only $5.99
Best of Alter Ego, Vol. 2 – regular $19.95, only $5.99
Plugged In – regular $16.95, only $5.09

& 45% OFF the final slightly dinged copies of:

Comic Book Artist #23 (Mike Mignola) – regular $6.95, only $3.82
Jack Kirby Checklist:?Gold Edition – regular $14.95, only $8.22

This offer good while supplies last!?Go to and click on the CLEARANCE?SALE?link at the top left of the page to order. If ordering by mail, please list alternates and include $2 per item for US?Postage.