Back Issue #139 is now shipping!

Back Issue #139 spotlights Not-Ready-for-Primetime Marvel Heroes! Mighty Marvel’s Bronze Age second bananas: Doc Samson, Jack of Hearts, Thundra, Nighthawk, Starfox, Modred the Mystic, Woodgod, the Shroud, Thunderbird and Warpath, Stingray, Wundaar, and more! Featuring the work of Kurt Busiek, Peter David, Steve Englehart, Steve Gerber, Keith Giffen, Steven Grant, Bill Mantlo, David Michelinie, Roger Stern, Roy Thomas, and other A-list talent. Edited by Michael EuryPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

TwoMorrows celebrates Steve Sherman in Jack Kirby Collector #84

From the very beginnings of TwoMorrows Publishing in 1994, Steve Sherman generously offered his time and encouragement to the fledgling Jack Kirby Collector magazine. So I’m thrilled to be able to celebrate my friend’s life and career in TJKC #84, shipping today. Steve was so much more than just Jack Kirby’s close friend and assistant in the 1970s, as you’ll see in this issue, chock full of remembrances by Steve’s family and friends, interviews with Steve, and oodles of memorabilia from Steve’s personal collection, compliments of his wife Diana Mercer.

Steve took a lot of what he learned about storytelling from Jack, and went on to a highly successful career in puppetry for major films and TV shows. And lest you think this issue doesn’t feature enough Kirby to pique your interest, it’s one of the most Kirby art-centric issues I’ve ever produced. See for yourself at the online preview page here.

The Team-Up Companion is now shipping!

The Team-Up Companion examines team-up comic books of the Silver and Bronze Ages of Comics—DC’s The Brave and the Bold and DC Comics Presents, Marvel’s Marvel Team-Up and Marvel Two-in-One, plus other team-up titles, treasuries, and treats—in a lushly illustrated selection of informative essays, special features, and trivia-loaded issue-by-issue indexes. Go behind the scenes of your favorite team-up comic books with specially curated and all-new creator recollections from Neal Adams, Jim Aparo, Mike W. Barr, Eliot R. Brown, Nick Cardy, Chris Claremont, Gerry Conway, Steve Englehart, Steve Gerber, Steven Grant, Bob Haney, Tony Isabella, Paul Kupperberg, Paul Levitz, Ralph Macchio, Dennis O’Neil, Martin Pasko, Joe Rubinstein, Roy Thomas, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, and many other all-star writers and artists who produced the team-up tales that so captivated readers during the 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s. By Back Issue and RetroFan editor Michael Eury

Preview the book, and order your copy here!

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And if you’re at the San Diego Con, publisher JOHN MORROW will be at the Jack Kirby Museum booth on THURSDAY MORNING ONLY, with a few pre-release copies of September’s JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #84 (the Steve Sherman tribute issue), raising funds for the Museum. We hope all our TwoMorrows readers will stop by!

Back Issue #136, RetroFan #21, and BrickJournal #74 are now shipping

Back Issue #136 spotlights Bronze Age Comic Strips! Spider-Man, Friday Foster, DC’s World’s Greatest Superheroes starring Superman, Howard the Duck, Richie Rich, Star Hawks, Star Trek, Mike Grell’s Tarzan, and more! Plus Charlton’s comic strip tie-ins and the Menomonee Falls Gazette. With Colan, Goodwin, Gil Kane, Kremer, Stan Lee, Romita, Thomas, Tuska, and more.Edited by Michael EuryPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

In RetroFan #21, meet Julie Newmar, the purr-fect Catwoman! Plus: Astro Boy, Tarzan Saturday morning cartoons, the true history of Pebbles Cereal, TV’s The Untouchables and Search, the MonkeemobileSoviet Expo ’77, and more fun, fab features! Featuring columns by Andy Mangels, Will Murray, Scott Saavedra, Scott Shaw, Mark Voger, and editor Michael EuryPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

BrickJournal #74 features amazing LEGO® Star WarsTM builds, including Lando Calrissian’s Treadable by Jürgen Wittner, Starkiller Base by Jhaelon Edwards, and more from Steven Smyth and Bantha Bricks! Plus: Minifigure Customization by Jared K. Burks, AFOLs by Greg Hyland, step-by-step “You Can Build It” instructions by Christopher Deck (including a LEGO BB-8), and more! Edited by Joe MenoPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

Back Issue #135 and Jack Kirby Collector #83 are now shipping

Back Issue #135 is the shiny new Silver Issue, starring the Silver Surfer in the Bronze Age! Plus: Jack Kirby’s Silver Star, Scott Hampton’s Silverheels, Silver Sable, Silver Banshee, and more! Featuring Busiek, Butler, Defalco, Englehart, Frenz, Marz, Nicieza, Purchell, Ross, Rogers, Rubinstein, Stern, more. Cover by Ron Frenz and Joe Sinnott. Preview the issue, and order your copy here!

Jack Kirby Collector #83 focuses on Famous Firsts! How Jack Kirby was a pioneer in all areas of comics: Romance Comics genre, Kid Gangs, double-page spreads, Black heroes, new formats, super-hero satire, and others! With Mark Evanier and our regular columnists, plus a gallery of Jack’s pencil art from Captain America, Jimmy Olsen, Captain Victory, Destroyer Duck, Black Panther, and more! Preview the issue, and order your copy here!

Comic Book Creator #28 and Alter Ego #176 are now shipping!

Comic Book Creator #28 presents a Steve Bissette career-spanning interview, from his Joe Kubert School days, Swamp Thing stint, publisher of Taboo and Tyrant, creator rights crusader, and more. Also, Part One of our Mike Gold interview on his Chicago youth, start in underground comix, and arrival at DC Comics, right in time for the implosion! Plus Bud Plant on his publishing days, comic shop owner, and start in mail order—and all the usual fun stuff! Preview the issue, and order your copy here!

Alter Ego #176 spotlights the Golden Age comics of major pulp magazine publisher Street & Smith (The Shadow, Doc Savage, Red Dragon, Supersnipe) examined in loving detail by Mark Carlson-Ghost! Art by Bob Powell, Howard Nostrand, and others, Anthony Tollin on “The Shadow/Batman Connection”, FCA, Michael T. Gilbert, John Broome, Peter Normanton, and more! Preview the issue, and order your copy here!