Last chance to get TwoMorrows’ books on John Severin, Reed Crandall, and War Comics in digital form

Due to licensing agreements expiring, these titles won’t be sold digitally after July 27:

John Severin: Two-Fisted Comic Book Artist is a spirited biography of EC Comics mainstay (with Harvey Kurtzman on Mad and Two-Fisted Tales) and co-creator of Western strip American Eagle. Covers his 40+ year association with Cracked magazine, his pivotal Marvel Comics work inking Herb Trimpe on The Hulk and teaming with sister Marie Severin on King Kull, and more! With commentary by Neal Adams, Richard Corben, John Byrne, Russ Heath, Walter Simonson, and many others. Preview and order it here!

Reed Crandall: Illustrator of the Comics spotlights the artist who, from the 1940s to the ’70s, brought an illustrator’s approach to comics, gaining a reputation as the “artist’s artist” on Golden Age heroes Doll Man, The Ray, and Blackhawk; horror and sci-fi for EC Comics; Warren Publishing’s Creepy, Eerie, and Blazing Combat; THUNDER Agents, ERB characters, and Flash Gordon. This full-color softcover history of Crandall’s life and career includes never-before-seen photos, a wealth of rare and unpublished artwork, and over eighty thousand words of insight into one of the true illustrators of the comics. Preview and order it here!

Our Artists At War examines War comic books published in the US: EC Comics (Two-Fisted Tales, Frontline Combat), DC Comics (Enemy Ace, All American Men of War, G.I. Combat, Our Fighting Forces, Our Army at War, Star-Spangled War Stories), Warren Publishing (Blazing Combat), Charlton (Willy Schultz and the Iron Corporal) and more! Featuring Kurtzman, Severin, Davis, Wood, Kubert, Glanzman, Kirby, and more! Preview and order it here!

Print copies will still be available (without a free digital edition) after July 27, and existing digital purchasers will still be able to access their digital editions indefinitely. But this is your LAST CHANCE to secure a digital copy (separately, or free with your print copy order)!

TwoMorrows is closed July 3-7

TwoMorrows will be closed the week of July 3-7, and shipping will resume on July 10!

During that time, we will be finalizing our Comic-Con International preparations, including having pre-release copies of these upcoming titles at our new booth location

The Chillingly Weird Art of Matt Fox
Working with Ditko
Best of Simon & Kirby’s Mainline Comics
Pacific Comics Companion
Alter Ego #183, 184
Back Issue #146, 147
RetroFan #28, 29
Jack Kirby Collector #87

We will be at booth #1116, across from the Golden/Silver Age Pavilion. See you there!

Get TwoMorrows’ NEAL ADAMS tributes in BACK ISSUE and ALTER EGO before they sell out!

Back Issue and Alter Ego have teamed up for a double-issue tribute to Neal Adams. But both are close to selling out!

Back Issue #143 is a special tribute issue celebrating Neal’s Bronze Age DC Comics contributions! In-depth Batman and Superman interviews, ‘Green Lantern/Green Arrow’—Fifty Years Later, Neal Adams—Under the Radar, Continuity Associates, a ‘Rough Stuff’ pencil art gallery, Power Records, and more! Preview the issue, and order your copy here!

Alter Ego #181 features in-depth interviews with Neal by Howard Chaykin, Bryan Stroud, and Richard Arndt. Also: a “lost” Adams Brave & The Bold cover with Batman and Green Arrow, Roy Thomas‘ remembrances of working with Neal on Avengers and X-Men, unseen Adams art and artifacts, and more! Preview the issue, and order your copy here!

Due to unprecedented demand, both may sell out soon. Order today!

Back Issue #145 and Comic Book Creator #31 are now shipping!

BACK ISSUE #145: Watch your back, Wall-Crawler… it’s our Spider-Rogues Issue! Villain histories of Dr. Octopus, Lizard, Kingpin, Spidey’s mob foes, the Jackal and Carrion, Tarantula, Puma, and Spider-Foes Only a Mother Could Love! Featuring the work of Bronze Age Spider-creators Ross Andru, Sal Buscema, Gerry Conway, Tom DeFalco, Gil Kane, Todd McFarlane, David Michelinie, Frank Miller, Keith Pollard, John Romita Jr. & Sr., Roger Stern, Roy Thomas, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, and many more. Featuring a Spider-Man and his Rogues’ Gallery cover by Dusty Abell! Edited by MICHAEL EURYPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

COMIC BOOK CREATOR #31: It’s a career-spanning interview with Bane’s co-creator Graham Nolan! Plus, Stan Lee’s Carnegie Hall debacle of 1972, the Golden Age Quality Comics’ work of Frank Borth (Phantom Lady, Spider Widow), and Greg Biga talks with ex-DC Comics co-publisher Dan Didio on his current career as writer/creator on the Frank Miller Presents comics line, as well as that new comics line’s publisher! Edited by JON B. COOKEPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

Back Issue #144 and Cliffhanger are now shipping!

BACK ISSUE #144: It’s Bronze Age Savage Lands, starring Ka-Zar in the 1970s! Plus: Turok—Dinosaur Hunter, Don Glut’s Dagar and Tragg, Annihilus and the Negative Zone, Planet of Vampires, Pat Mills’s Flesh (from 2000AD), and Walter Simonson and Mike Mignola’s Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure. With Conway, Gulacy, Hama, Nicieza, Sears, Thomas, and more! John Buscema cover! Edited by MICHAEL EURYPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

CLIFFHANGER! Cinematic Superheroes of the Serials (1941–1952): Hold on tight as historian Christopher Irving explores the origins of the first on-screen superheroes and the comic creators and film-makers who brought them to life. CLIFFHANGER! touches on the early days of the film serial, to its explosion as a juvenile medium of the 1930s and ‘40s. See how the creation of characters like Superman, Captain America, Spy Smasher, and Captain Marvel dovetailed with the early film adaptations. Along the way, you’ll meet the stuntmen, directors (Spencer Bennett, William Witney, producer Sam Katzman), comic book creators (Siegel & Shuster, Simon & Kirby, Bob Kane, C.C. Beck, Frank Frazetta, Will Eisner), and actors (Buster Crabbe, George Reeves, Lorna Gray, Kane Richmond, Kirk Alyn, Dave O’Brien) who brought them to the silver screen—and how that resonates with today’s cinematic superhero universe. Preview the book, and order your copy here!

Alter Ego #182, RetroFan #27, and BrickJournal #80 are now shipping!

ALTER EGO #182: It’s an FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) special, behind a breathtaking JERRY ORDWAY cover! Features on Uncle Marvel and the Fawcett Family by P.C. HAMERLINCK, ACG artist KENNETH LANDAU (Commander Battle and The Atomic Sub), and writer LEE GOLDSMITH (Golden Age Green Lantern, Flash, and others). Plus Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt by MICHAEL T. GILBERT, and more! Edited by ROY THOMASPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

RETROFAN #27: Featuring an Iinterview with Captain Kangaroo BOB KEESHAN, The Rockford Files, teen monster movies, the Kung Fu and Bruce Lee crazes, JACK KIRBY’s comedy comics, DON DRYSDALE’s TV drop-ins, outrageous toys, Challenge of the Super Friends, and more fun, fab features! Featuring columns by ANDY MANGELS, WILL MURRAY, SCOTT SAAVEDRA, SCOTT SHAW, and MARK VOGER! Edited by MICHAEL EURYPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

BRICKJOURNAL #80: Explore the Castle theme with builders GUILLAUME GRENZARD and UDO KING! And building castles with some of the best castle builders in the LEGO fan community! Plus: Nerding Out with BRICKNERD, AFOLs by GREG HYLAND, step-by-step “You Can Build It” instructions by CHRISTOPHER DECK, and Minifigure Customization with JARED K. BURKS! Edited by JOE MENO. Preview the issue, and order your copy here!

IN PREVIEWS NOW: Pacific Comics Companion, Alter Ego #184, CBC #32, RetroFan #29, and more!

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