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TwoMorrows Tune-In Gary Owens Special

Welcome to a Special Interview TwoMorrows Tune-In Podcast. Today on the show, host Chris Marshall presents an in-depth conversation between Back Issue writer Richard A. Scott and voice talent extraordinaire Gary Owens (Space Ghost, Laugh-In). Most of the interviews that are conducted for our various magazine and publications are done over the phone. This is a real treat because not only does Owens talk about his long career and also has some funny and interesting stories involving many of his famous Hollywood and Animation friends but he also a does a few of his voices along the way. You can read the full interview in Back Issue #30 – our Saturday Morning Heroes Special – it is on sale now. Thanks goes out to Richard A. Scott and Gary Owens for allowing the airing of the interview and special thanks to John Morrow and Editor Michael Eury.

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TwoMorrows Tune-In Gary Owens Special