Back Issue #53—full color, and the logo on the bottom!

Yeah, the Walter Simonson cover for Back Issue #53 was so gorgeous, we couldn’t bear to shrink it down or cover up the top to accommodate the logo, so we moved it to the bottom. Good call? You decide!

In any case, #53 is all about “Gods”, and editor Michael Eury takes an in-depth look at WALTER SIMONSON’s THOR, and the Thunder God in the Bronze Age with a TOM DeFALCO/RON FRENZ “Pro2Pro” interview. Plus it covers Hercules—Prince of Power, Moondragon, Three Ways to End the New Gods Saga, and an exclusive interview with fantasy writer MICHAEL MOORCOCK. Check out the preview HERE!

It’ll be in stores on Wednesday, December 7, but you can preorder it in Print or Digital Edition now at our website.