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The Expanded Second Edition of Kirby & Lee: Stuf’ Said! ships today!

Learn more about about the clash over Galactus’ origin, Steve Ditko’s feelings about his Marvel work, and the impetus for Kirby’s notorious “Funky Flashman” parody of Stan Lee!

After achieving the quickest sell-out in TwoMorrows’ history, KIRBY & LEE: STUF’ SAID has gone back to press for an Expanded Second Edition, including minor corrections, and 16 new pages worth of “Stuf’ Said” by the creators of the Marvel Universe!

Interspersed chronologically in this updated edition are new and often surprising revelations that’ve come to light since the first edition took fandom by storm! It’s augmented with copious additional comments by Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko, more details and Lee and Kirby’s clash over the origin of Galactus, and a remarkable find that explains why Kirby decided to bitingly parody Stan Lee as “Funky Flashman” in his Mister Miracle comics series.

You can view a free preview and order the $26.95 print edition (at 15% off with a free digital edition) or digital edition only (just $12.95) at this link!

Or order the Print Edition at your local comic book shop using Diamond Order Code: MAY192003

Three new mags shipping today from TwoMorrows!

And in case you can’t get enough of TwoMorrows (and who can?), Back Issue #116, RetroFan #6, and BrickJournal #59 ship today!

All three new magazines are available digitally, in stores, and directly from TwoMorrows Publishing now!
You can request them at your local retailer, using these Diamond Order Codes:
BACK ISSUE #116: JUN191993
RETROFAN #6: JUN191994

IN PREVIEWS NOW: Back Issue #118, new American Comic Book Chronicles 1950s edition, & more!

Check out what TwoMorrows Publishing has listed in Diamond’s latest Previews catalog!
All our publications are in the front “Comics & Graphic Novels” section, alphabetically under “TwoMorrows”.

Use the Diamond Order Codes to order at your local comic book shop, or click the covers below to order directly from TwoMorrows at 15% off!
To see FULL listings of all items, CLICK HERE!

OCT192156    ALTER EGO #160 (Ditko)
OCT192157    BACK ISSUE #118 NEW!
OCT192159    AMERICAN COMIC BOOK CHRONICLES: The 1950s (Updated Hardcover Edition)
OCT192160    ALL STAR COMPANION, Volume 4 (Softcover)
OCT192161    COLLECTED JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR, Volume 7 (Softcover)
OCT192164    MARVEL COMICS IN THE 1980s (Softcover)

The expanded second edition of Stuf’ Said has a secret 100-copy Hardcover Edition!

To help pay for the print run, we’ve bound only 100 hardcover copies of the Expanded Second Edition of Kirby & Lee: Stuf’ Said, making it our most limited publication ever. This secret hardcover version is not available in stores, and only directly from TwoMorrows for $39.95. It contains everything in the new Softcover second edition (no extras, other than the custom binding and “Limited Hardcover” designation printed on the cover).

The 100-copy Hardcover Edition is available first-come, first served only at this link!

(Note: If you already pre-ordered the Softcover Second Edition, and would like to upgrade it to this Limited Hardcover, place your order now to reserve a copy, and in the “Comments” box during checkout, write “Please upgrade my pre-order copy” and we’ll issue a refund for what you paid for the Softcover version. Sorry, this upgrade offer is not available for First Edition copies.)

If you’d like to order the Expanded Second Edition in Softcover, click here!

Alter Ego sale through Sept. 16!

The Alter Ego sale we promised during our American Comic Book Chronicles Kickstarter campaign is now live at!

Right now, get $3.95 off all print issues of Alter Ego through #150 (so $2, 3, 4 etc. back issues), and $1 off digital editions of Alter Ego #1-150.

A lot of older issues (prior to #100) are close to selling out, so go get ’em!

Help TwoMorrows find a few images for JACK KIRBY’s DINGBAT LOVE!

Help TwoMorrows Publishing find a few images for our upcoming hardcover book JACK KIRBY’s DINGBAT LOVE! It collects Kirby’s final unpublished stories from his DC Comics projects Dingbats of Danger Street #2 and #3, True Divorce Cases, and Soul Love.

We’re still missing 3 pages of Jack Kirby’s “True Divorce/Soul Love” story titled “The Model”, and could use better copies/scans of a handful of other pages, to make this volume as beautiful as possible. Click here to download a small PDF file showing what we need, and please help spread the word!

And get all the details, and pre-order the book, HERE!

The latest American Comic Book Chronicles volume examines comics of 1940-44, and ships today!

Now shipping is the latest volume in TwoMorrows Publishing’s groundbreaking series of full-color hardcovers, where top authors document every decade of comic book history from the 1940s to today.

American Comic Book Chronicles: 1940-1944 examines the World War II Golden Age of comic books, a period that presented the earliest adventures of such iconic super-heroes as Batman, Captain Marvel, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Author Kurt Mitchell and collaborator Roy Thomas composed this volume about the era when America’s entry into World War II was presaged by the arrival of such patriotic do-gooders as Will Eisner’s Uncle Sam, Harry Shorten and Irv Novick’s The Shield, and Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s Captain America. It was when teenage culture found expression in a fumbling red-haired high school student named Archie Andrews. But most of all, the first five years of the 1940s was the age of the “packagers” when studios headed by men like Harry A Chesler, Will Eisner, and Jerry Iger churned out material for a plethora of new comic book companies that published the entire gamut of genres, from funny animal stories to crime tales to jungle sagas to science-fiction adventures.

We’re currently running a highly successful Kickstarter campaign to fund new printings of the sold-out 1950s and 1980s volumes ( It was fully funded in less than 12 hours, guaranteeing the entire series of comics history books will stay in print as we ready the final volume on 1945-49 for release in Spring 2020.

American Comic Book Chronicles: 1940-1944
(288-page full-color Hardcover) $45.95
(Digital Edition) $15.95
ISBN-13: 978-1-60549-089-2
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: FEB192024

A free preview of the book is available HERE!

Help fund an ACBC: 1950s new edition, and get the full set for $250 on Kickstarter!

The new edition of American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1980s was fully funded on Kickstarter in less than 12 hours! But you can still reserve a copy with a pledge (and get great discounts on other volumes).

Now let’s fund a reprint of the 1950s volume, which will be sold out before the campaign ends! Like with the 1980s book, you can also add other volumes to your initial pledge at a great discount!

And by popular demand, you can get the full 8-volume set (1940s-1990s) for only $250! This includes the new 1940-44 volume that ships this month, and next year’s 1945-49 edition!

Back our Kickstarter HERE!

TwoMorrows Publishing Schedule for Comic-Con 2019, Booth #1301!

Stop by TwoMorrows Booth #1301 (right inside the Hall B doors) for all signings and:

• $3 B&W magazines
• $5 and $10 books (including hardcovers)
• At least 30% off most items

Comic-Con Debuts (limited copies available; get there early!):

Back Issue #114 and #115
Jack Kirby Collector #77
American Comic Book Chronicles: 1940-44 hardcover
Comic Book Creator #20
Kirby & Lee: Stuf’ Said! (Expanded Second Edition)
Alter Ego #159 and #160 (special Steve Ditko issue)

Signings and Panels:
Publisher John Morrow will be on-hand every day to celebrate his company’s 25th Anniversary!


10:00am signing:
• Keith Dallas (Comic Book Implosion, American Comic Book Chronicles, Flash Companion)

2:00pm signing:
• Dewey Cassell (Mike Grell: Life is Drawing Without an Eraser, Herb Trimpe & Marie Severin bios)
• Jon B. Cooke (Comic Book Creator magazine, Swampmen, MLJ Companion)


10:00am signing: Keith Dallas and Dewey Cassell

11:00am, Room 29AB: The World of TwoMorrows 25th Anniversary Panel
TwoMorrows Publishing is celebrating their 25th Anniversary with an unforgettable look back at the company’s beginnings, and the crazy things that’ve happened during a quarter-century quest to create the future of comics history! Join Comic-Con Special Guest Jon B. Cooke (Comic Book Artist/Comic Book Creator magazine editor), P.C. Hamerlinck (Alter Ego/FCA editor), Keith Dallas (editor of the American Comic Book Chronicles series, and co-author of the Eisner Award-nominated book Comic Book Implosion), Mike Manley (Draw! magazine editor), and Dewey Cassell (author of the Eisner Award-nominated book Mike Grell: Life Is Drawing Without An Eraser), and find out what TwoMorrows has in store for 2020 and beyond! It’s moderated by publisher (and Jack Kirby Collector editor) John Morrow.

2:00pm signing: Jon B. Cooke

8:00pm: The Eisner Awards in the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront
TwoMorrows has THREE nominations this year, so come by and cheer us on!

Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism:
• Back Issue magazine, edited by Michael Eury

Best Comics-Related Book:
• Comic Book Implosion by Keith Dallas and John Wells
• Mike Grell: Life Is Drawing Without An Eraser by Dewey Cassell with Jeff Messer


4:00pm, Room 9: 80th Anniversary of Archie Comics Superheroes panel
Learn the 80-year history of the superheroes of the Archie Universe from the people who brought you The MLJ Companion: Rik Offenberger and Paul Castiglia (Archie Comics), and Jon B. Cooke and John Morrow (TwoMorrows Publishing), as well as writer and movie producer Michael Uslan (Batman), and Golden Age comic experts J.C. Vaughn (Gemstone Publishing). Immediately after the panel, join us for a…

5:30pm signing: Paul Castiglia/Rik Offenberger/Jon B. Cooke (The MLJ Companion)
Get a signed copy of The MLJ Companion!


10:00, Room 5AB: The Jack Kirby Tribute Panel
TwoMorrows publisher John Morrow requests your presence at this annual panel honoring “The King of Comics,” Jack Kirby—the creator whose work is the reason TwoMorrows began publishing 25 years ago. Panelists this year are Kurt Busiek (Astro City, Marvels), Buzz Dixon (Thundarr the Barbarian, Destroyer Duck), Mike Royer (Kirby’s favorite inker), attorney Paul S. Levine, and it’s moderated by former Kirby assistant Mark Evanier.