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IN PREVIEWS NOW: Alter Ego #176, Back Issue #136, RetroFan #21, Dave Cockrum bio, and more!

PREVIEWS Pages 361-362:
FEB221744 ALTER EGO #176 – NEW!
FEB221745 BACK ISSUE #136 – NEW!
FEB221747 RETROFAN #21 – NEW!
FEB221749 LIFE & ART OF DAVE COCKRUM (Softcover) – NEW!
FEB221750 LIFE & ART OF DAVE COCKRUM (Limited Hardcover Edition) – NEW!
FEB221751 AMERICAN COMIC BOOK CHRONICLES: 1960-1964 (Hardcover)

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It features all our upcoming 2022 items, including:

The Charlton Companion (by Jon B. Cooke)
The Team-Up Companion (by Michael Eury)
The Life & Art of Dave Cockrum (by Glen Cadigan)
Britmania (by Mark Voger)

Plus all the 2022 issues of:

Alter Ego
Back Issue
Comic Book Creator
Jack Kirby Collector

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Alter Ego #173, Back Issue #132, BrickJournal #71, & RetroFan #18 are now shipping!

Alter Ego #173 features Black super-heroes (and others) in U.S. comicbooks!

Back Issue #132 spotlights 1980s Marvel Limited Series, including Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s Wolverine!

BrickJournal #71 focuses on LEGO® photography!

RetroFan #18 conjures up an exclusive Barbara Eden interview that will keep you forever dreaming of Jeannie, and more!

All four will be in stores on Wednesday, January 19, and are now shipping from TwoMorrows!

IN PREVIEWS NOW: Back Issue #135, Comic Book Creator #28, Kirby Collector #83, and more!

PREVIEWS Pages 367-368:

JAN221704 BACK ISSUE #135 NEW!
JAN221709 KIRBY & LEE: STUF’ SAID Expanded Second Edition (Softcover)
JAN221711 THE MLJ COMPANION (Softcover)

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Freight delays on new and upcoming TwoMorrows items

Unfortunately, the continued freight delays worldwide are plaguing our new and upcoming titles. This is resulting in week-to-week adjustment due to the shortage of trucks (and covid-related trucker staffing shortages) within the US. Recent items are arriving up to a month later than scheduled at both TwoMorrows’ HQ, and at Diamond Comic Distributors.

It’s not the fault of our editors, writers, designers, or even me, publisher John Morrow. We’re all continuing to deliver material to press on schedule, but getting it back here from our overseas printers, and waiting on paper shortages at our US printers, is having a domino effect.

We’ve already adjusted our production schedules to allow an extra month lead time (you’ll see items solicited in Diamond’s Previews catalog a month earlier than normal), so we’re getting items to press a month earlier, and that should remedy the problem soon. But for the next month or two, expect to see us having to adjust the ship dates on some items.

You can see the expected ship dates for all our new and upcoming products on our home page. The date is listed under each cover, and we’ll keep those updated as needed.

Thanks to all our loyal customers for their patience!

Have a “Holly Jolly” Christmas with TwoMorrows & RetroFan’s Mark Voger

Break out the candy canes! Holly Jolly is a colorful sleigh ride through the history of Christmas pop culture, from its religious origins to its emergence as a multimedia phenomenon. This full-color Hardcover explores movies (Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life), music (White Christmas, Little St. Nick), TV (How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer), books (Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol), decor (1950s silver aluminum trees), comics(super-heroes meet Santa), and more! Featuring interviews with Charles M. Schulz (A Charlie Brown Christmas), Andy Williams (TV’s “Mr. Christmas”), Darlene Love (singer of the perennial hit song ”Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”), and still more holiday memories! Written and designed by RetroFan columnist Mark Voger (author of the TwoMorrows’ books Monster Mash and Groovy), the profusely illustrated Holly Jolly takes readers on a time-trip to Christmases past that you will cherish all year long!

$43.95 cover price – a great last-minute gift idea!

Preview Holly Jolly and order it here!
Order early this week to avoid mail service delays!

Alter Ego #172, Kirby Collector #81, and Our Artists At War are now shipping!

In Alter Ego #172, Alfredo Alcala is celebrated for his dreamscape work on Savage Sword of Conan and other work for Marvel, DC, and Warren, as well as his own barbarian creation Voltar, as Rich Arndt interviews his sons Alfred and Christian! Also: FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America), Michael T. Gilbert in Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt, Peter Normanton’s horror history From The Tomb, John Broome, and more! Edited by Roy Thomas.

Jack Kirby Collector #81 features “Kirby: Beta!” Jack’s experimental ideas, characters, and series (Fighting American, Jimmy Olsen, Kamandi, and others), early Stan Lee and Jack Kirby interviews, mysteries behind the creation of the Hulk and Magneto, ideas that needed more thought, 2019 Heroes Con panel (with Mark Evanier, Mike Royer, Jim Amash, and Rand Hoppe), a pencil art gallery, unused Jimmy Olsen #141 cover, and more! Edited by John Morrow.

Our Artists At War examines War comic books published in the US: EC Comics (Two-Fisted Tales, Frontline Combat), DC Comics (Enemy Ace, All American Men of War, G.I. Combat, Our Fighting Forces, Our Army at War, Star-Spangled War Stories), Warren Publishing (Blazing Combat), Charlton (Willy Schultz and the Iron Corporal) and more! Featuring Kurtzman, Severin, Davis, Wood, Kubert, Glanzman, Kirby, an introduction by Roy Thomas, and more! By Richard Arndt and Steven Fears.

All three will be in stores on Wednesday, December 15, and are now shipping from TwoMorrows!

TwoMorrows celebrates the veterans of comics in “Our Artists At War”

See a preview, and pre-order it here!

Due to continued worldwide freight delays, we missed our planned Veteran’s Day release, but it now ships November 24!

Our Artists At War is the first book ever published in the US that solely examines War Comics published in America. It covers the talented writers and artists who supplied the finest, most compelling stories in the War Comics genre, which has long been neglected in the annals of comics history. Through the critical analysis of authors Richard J. Arndt and Steven Fears, this overlooked treasure trove is explored in-depth, finally giving it the respect it deserves! Included are pivotal series from EC Comics (Two-Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat), DC Comics (Enemy Ace and the Big Five war books: All American Men of War, G.I. Combat, Our Fighting Forces, Our Army at War, and Star-Spangled War Stories), Warren Publishing (Blazing Combat), Charlton (Willy Schultz and the Iron Corporal) and more! Featuring the work of Harvey Kurtzman, John Severin, Jack Davis, Wallace Wood, Joe Kubert, Sam Glanzman, Jack Kirby, Will Elder, Gene Colan, Russ Heath, Alex Toth, Mort Drucker, and many others. Introduction by Roy Thomas, Foreword by Willi Franz. Cover by Joe Kubert.

160-page full-color trade paperback
$27.95 cover price
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: JUL212065
ISBN13: 978-1-60549-108-0

Freight delays, and new mag previews!

We’ve had to push back a few release dates, due to the continued freight delays worldwide that are affecting delivery of our publications from our printers. But we’re taking steps to compensate for the delays, and a new batch of upcoming titles just went to press. We just posted new online previews of:

Alter Ego #174 (Fawcett Comics)
Back Issue #133 (Starmen)
Comic Book Creator #27 (Paul Gulacy)
Jack Kirby Collector #82 (Many Worlds of Kirby)
RetroFan #19 (Caroline Munro & Wacky Packages)
BrickJournal #72 (Lego® color)

Check ’em out, and see what’s in store for early 2022!

Our Secret Half-price Book of the Month for November is Groovy!

From Woodstock, “The Banana Splits,” and “Sgt. Pepper” to “H.R. Pufnstuf,” Altamont, and “The Partridge Family,” GROOVY is a far-out trip to the era of lava lamps and love beads. This profusely illustrated hardcover book, in psychedelic color, features interviews with icons of grooviness such as Peter Max, Brian Wilson, Peter Fonda, Melanie, David Cassidy, members of the Jefferson Airplane, Cream, the Doors, the Cowsills and Vanilla Fudge; and cast members of groovy TV shows like “The Monkees,” “Laugh-In” and “The Brady Bunch.” Revisit the era’s rock festivals, movies, art, comics and cartoons in this color-saturated pop-culture history written and designed by Mark Voger (author of the acclaimed book MONSTER MASH)!

See a preview, and order it at 50% off here!

Or get all three of Mark Voger’s pop culture books for just $99 here. A great holiday gift!