Alter Ego #135 (Len Wein) and Back Issue #83 (International Heroes) ship today!

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Len Wein, co-creator of Wolverine and Swamp Thing, is featured in Alter Ego #135, shipping today. Awesome interview with the Silver Age legend!

And the spotlight’s on Bronze Age International Comic Book Heroes in Back Issue #83, now shipping. Editor Michael Eury hits another home run with this issue! Fastner/Larson cover: woo-hoo!

Click on the links to see a free preview of each mag, and to order. Both ship TODAY from TwoMorrows. (See what I did there?) And in stores next week.

No-Con Sale! Get 40% off print items, through Sunday, August 23rd

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Whether you miss Comic-Con, or MISSED Comic-Con, TwoMorrows is here to help with our NO-CON SALE!

Now through this Sunday (August 23rd), we’re offering all our in-stock PRINT items at a whopping 40% OFF cover price, just like we did last month in San Diego. (Honest, we’re not conning you–just offering great savings!)

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This sale is for PRINT items only, ordered at our webstore through midnight on Sunday, August 23, 2015. The sale does NOT include new and upcoming releases, subscriptions, bundles, or digital editions. (But if a digital edition is available, you’ll automatically get it FREE with your paid print copy.) And PLEASE BE PATIENT if you order near the end of the sale period, as an offer like this will undoubtedly flood us with orders, which may take a few extra days to get shipped.

An electrifying summer winds down with Comic Book Creator #9

Between our kids volleyball and Irish Dance competitions, convention travel, and vacation, my family has logged a LOT of miles traveling this summer (Florida, Rhode Island, California, Costa Rica, and the beautiful North Carolina beaches), and it’s been exhilarating, to say the least. But just because school is revving up and summer is winding down, that doesn’t mean TwoMorrows has any fewer electrifying items to send your way.

Case in point: Comic Book Creator #9, which is shipping today from TwoMorrows, and should be in comics shops next week. The spotlight this time is on Joe Staton, a longtime favorite of mine for his JSA and Huntress work. After getting his start on E-Man at Charlton, he went to do work for all the majors, and is currently the artist on the Dick Tracy newspaper strip.

Also featured is part one of an in-depth interview with Marvel Comics legend Stan Goldberg, who colored most of the early pivotal Marvel issues (think FF #1, Hulk #1, etc.), did romance and Archie stories, and more.

Plus editor Jon B. Cooke offers up a fascinating slate of other features and columns. So check out the free preview and order HERE!

Harvey Award nomination for Comic Book Creator

Jon B. Cooke’s COMIC BOOK CREATOR magazine just got a Harvey Award nomination for BEST BIOGRAPHICAL, HISTORICAL, or JOURNALISTIC PRESENTATION. Named in honor of the late Harvey Kurtzman, the Harvey Awards recognize outstanding work in comics and sequential art. They will be presented September 26, 2015 in conjunction with the Baltimore Comic-Con.

These are the only industry awards both nominated and selected by comic book professionals. Voting is open to anyone professionally involved in a creative capacity within the comics field. Final ballots are available at, so if you’re eligible, go ahead and vote now before you forget!

Back Issue #82 and Alter Ego #134 are now shipping

Back Issue #82 (84 full-color pages, $8.95) looks at pivotal Bronze Age Events! With extensive coverage of the Avengers/Defenders War, JLA/JSA crossovers, Secret Wars, Crisis’ 30th anniversary, Legends, Millennium, Invasion, Infinity Gauntlet, and more! Featuring the work of SAL BUSCEMA, DICK DILLIN, TODD McFARLANE, GEORGE PÉREZ, JOE STATON, LEN WEIN, MARV WOLFMAN, MIKE ZECK, and more. Plus an Avengers vs. Defenders cover by JOHN BYRNE! Edited by MICHAEL EURY.

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Alter Ego #134 (84 pages with FULL COLOR, $8.95) celebrates SOL BRODSKY—one of the most important and underrated artists in comics! He inked Fantastic Four #3-4 and designed its logo—became Marvel’s production manager during crucial years—co-founded Skywald, then Marvel’s British weeklies! Daughter JANNA PARKER talks about her father—and so do STAN LEE, HERB TRIMPE, STAN GOLDBERG, DAVID ANTHONY KRAFT, TONY ISABELLA, ROY THOMAS, and others! Learn about his work on Blue Beetle, Kid Colt Outlaw, Red Cross (his Holyoke creation!), Volton, and Cracked Mazagine! Plus FCA, MICHAEL T. GILBERT, BILL SCHELLY, and more! Cover portrait by JOHN ROMITA! Edited by ROY THOMAS.

Click the links above to see a free preview and order! Both will be in stores next Wednesday (July 29) and are now shipping directly form us.

Next stop: Comic-Con, booth #1301 and the Eisner Awards

While TwoMorrows HQ will remain open so you can take advantage of our 40% off sale on Artists Biographies (and order our new Monster Mash and Herb Trimpe books), I’m leaving tomorrow (natch!) for sunny San Diego and our annual pilgrimage to Comic-Con International.

This year, we’re nominated for not one, but TWO Eisner Awards (alas, both in the same category, so they’ll likely split the vote). But hats off to Roy Thomas and ALTER EGO, and Jon B. Cooke and COMIC BOOK CREATOR for the nods for Best Comic-Related Publication (or website, or blog, or who knows what else our print pubs are getting lumped against these days).

At booth #1301 (our usual spot, next to the Golden & Silver Age Pavilion, just inside the main entrance to Hall B), we’ll be offering 40% off nearly everything at our booth. So if you’re there, elbow through the crowd and stop by to chat. We love, love, love talking to our readers each year. It personally energizes me to get to hear what we’re doing right, wrong, and what you’d like to see us do that we’re not already doing. See you there!

Here’s egg in your eye

Our new book Monster Mash is, as I expected, selling really, really well. After all, who doesn’t love all the wacky weirdo monsters of the 1960s, like the Munsters, Addams Family, those great Universal monsters who were on the syndicated Shock Theater tv series we all watched as kids, and my personal fave, Dark Shadows?

Mark Voger hit a home run with this one. Early reviews are in, but perhaps my favorite is this one from the Psychbabble website:

“Looking at Monster Mash is like having a giant nostalgia bug lay lovely eggs in your eye sockets.”

Intrigued yet? You owe it to yourself to check out the free preview HERE.

UPDATED: Artist bios on sale thru July 20, in honor of our Herb Trimpe book JUST RELEASED!

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To celebrate the our JUST RELEASED new book on the life and career of Herb Trimpe, I’ve decided to offer all our existing artists biographies on sale at 40% off. So whether it’s Eisner, Heck, Buscema, Romita, Infantino, Marie Severin, or even Matt Baker you’re into, there’s something for everyone in this sale.

And the Herb Trimpe book is stunning; my only regret is that Herb didn’t live to see it actually published. But he worked with Dewey Cassell and Aaron Sultan the whole way through on it, and saw the final layout just prior to it going to press, and I know he was very happy with it. I think you will be too now that it’s shipping directly from us, and in stores next week. (NOTE: Herb’s book isn’t part of the sale, but it is available at 15% off when you order directly from us. And we’ll have debut copies at our booth at Comic-Con this week, at our usual booth #1301, so stop by and take a look if you’re in San Diego!)

The Monsters are HERE!

This week, we’re shipping Monster Mash, author Mark Voger’s outrageously fun book on the Monster Craze of the 1960s. If like me, you grew up building the Aurora model kits of Frankenstein and the Wolfman, or stayed up late on Friday nights watching Shock Theater’s rerun of old Monster movies, you will absolutely love this book.

Don’t believe me? Check out the free preview we’ve posted HERE.

It’s a full-color hardcover, beautifully designed, with hundreds of images and interviews with everyone from the cast of Dark Shadows, to Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

Back issues of BACK ISSUE are on sale through July 1

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All back issues of BACK ISSUE magazine are on sale for 40% off, now through July 1. So complete your collection while the savings last!

(The sale is for PRINT issues only, ordered through our website. It doesn’t include digital editions, the latest or upcoming issues, or bundles or subscriptions.)