Unholy Terror: Kirby Columnist’s Comic Kickstarter!

Adam McGovern has been chronicling Kirby-influenced work for The Jack Kirby Collector since 1997 — and making some of his own news with neo-pop collaborator Paolo Leandri in the Ignatz-nominated Dr. Id and an Alias the Spider story for Image Comics’ Next Issue Project. The team’s newest work (with color-artist Dom Regan of Paul Pope’s One Trick Rip-Off) is NIGHTWORLD, a superhorror romantic tragedy that will please any fans of Jack Kirby’s Demon and draws on B-masterpiece monster movies and multiple geek-culture genres for a wild ride of postmodern pulp pathos, action and unexpected humor! A publisher is expected soon, but payment in these days of indie do-it-yourself is the creators’ own job so a Kickstarter campaign is running through October 7 to finish funding the project. Click the screen above or this link (http://kck.st/17e4l62) to see how you can help NIGHTWORLD see the light of day!