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It Rose from the Tomb
Peter Normanton‘s all-new examination of the 20th Century’s best horror comics! From the pulps and seminal horror comics of the 1940s, through ones they tried to ban in the 1950s, this tome explores how the genre survived the introduction of the Comics Code, before making its terrifying return during the 1960s and 1970s. SHIPS MARCH 2024!

Comic Book Implosion: Expanded Edition
In 1978, DC Comics launched a line-wide expansion known as “The DC Explosion,” but pulled the plug weeks later, cancelling titles and leaving dozens of completed comic book stories unpublished. Now, that notorious “DC Implosion” is examined with an exhaustive oral history from Jenette Kahn, Paul Levitz, Len Wein, Mike Gold, Al Milgrom, and other DC creators of the time, plus commentary by other top pros, examining how it changed the landscape of comics forever! This new Expanded Edition of the Eisner Award-nominated book explodes in full color for the first time, with additional coverage of lost 1970s DC projects like Ninja the Invisible and an adaptation of “The Wiz,” Jim Starlin’s unaltered cover art for Batman Family #21, content meant for cancelled Marvel titles such as Godzilla and Ms. Marvel, and more! By Keith Dallas and John Wells. SHIPS MAY 2024!

Zowie! The TV Superhero Craze in ’60s Pop Culture
1966’s action comedy “Batman” starring Adam West triggered a tsunami of toys, games, Halloween costumes, puppets, action figures, and lunch boxes. Meanwhile, still more costumed avengers sprang forth on TV (“The Green Hornet,” “Ultraman”), in movies (“The Wild World of Batwoman,” “Rat Pfink and Boo Boo”), and in animation (“Space Ghost,” “The Marvel Super Heroes”). Zowie! traces the history of the superhero genre from early films, through the 1960s TV superhero craze, and its pop culture influence ever since, through the era’s coolest collectibles, and interviews with TV stars (West, Burt Ward, Yvonne Craig, Frank Gorshin, Burgess Meredith, Cesar Romero, Julie Newmar, Van Williams), artists behind the comics (Jerry Robinson, Dick Sprang, Carmine Infantino, Joe Giella), and others. Written and designed by Mark Voger! SHIPS JULY 2024!

Marvel Comics in the EARLY 1960s
Pierre Comtois‘ new volume in the ongoing “Marvel Comics in the…” series takes you all the way back to that company’s legendary beginnings, when gunfighters traveled the West and monsters roamed the Earth! It features scores of handy, easy to reference entries on Marvel Comics’ early 1961-1965 output, and includes reviews of key stories from Amazing Fantasy, Tales of Suspense (and Astonish), Strange Tales, Journey Into Mystery, Rawhide Kid, plus issues of Fantastic Four, Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, and others that weren’t in the previous 1960s edition. SHIPS AUGUST 2024!