A new year, and a new TwoMorrows Catalog Update!

Happy New Year! We’re back after a couple of weeks of vacation, and I’ve gotta say, I’m really pumped about the exciting books and mags we’ve got lined up for 2009. Our free 2009 Catalog Update is at the printer now, and will be getting mailed out a little later this month, but you can download it now at this link:


It’s 6 pages (so not too huge of a download; only about 2.5 mb), and lists all the new items we’ve got planned through mid-Summer, plus updated info on items that weren’t in our 2008 Catalog (which is also still available for download, so you can see all our available back issues and books).

And I’ll be happy to mail you a free printed copy of either the new 2009 Catalog Update, or the 2008 Catalog, OR BOTH! Just add them to your shopping cart and checkout, and they’ll be whizzing their way to you asap.