Age of Heroes

If you follow our stuff, you undoubtedly know the name George Khoury. George has been writing some of our most popular books for several years, dating back to Kimota, The Miracleman Companion, The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore, G-Force: Animated, and our upcoming book on the history of Image Comics. George’s pet project (with collaborator Jason Hofius) is called Age Of Heroes, and it features interviews with nearly every actor who’s played a super-hero on television, from Adam West to Lynda Carter. The book’s just about completely written, the interviews are all done, and just yesterday, we got in Alex Ross’ pencil prelim for what’ll be the painted cover of this upcoming color hardcover. (As you can see, it’s a beaut! And what a guy Alex is, to take time from his incredibly busy schedule, to do a custom piece for us, knowing we can’t come close to paying his usual rate for a painting.)
The next hurdle is getting the final clearances wrapped up, but if all goes well, this one’ll be out sometime between Fall 2007 and Spring 2008. Stay tuned!


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