Ahh, Anniversaries…

Spent last evening with my lovely wife Pam at our local Ruth’s Chris Steak House (still don’t understand that name; is it Ruth’s, or Chris’?), celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary. We’re actually a week late celebrating, since we got married on January 16, 1987, but our babysitter wasn’t available last Wednesday, and anyway, Pam was tied up working on the planning for our daughter’s school’s Spring Art Festival (for which Pam volunteered her design services).

I’d never been to a Ruth’s Chris before; this time, we went compliments of a gift card from a friend, and the food and service were superb. It was certainly pricey, so not somewhere we’d go on a regular basis, but really nice for a special occasion. I recall they have one in San Diego, so we might just check it out when we’re there for Comicon this summer. Highly recommended!

January 16 is also Pam’s parent’s wedding anniversary, her Godmother’s birthday, and… (wait for it; you know I had a point in here somewhere)… the day we started our company TwoMorrows Advertising, back in 1990 (four years before we actually started publishing comics stuff as TwoMorrows Publishing). So it’s a really special day here at Casa de TwoMorrows.

Boy, 21 years is a long time to do anything with anyone, and why Pam’s not sick of me yet is beyond me. It’s also nice to know that you readers aren’t sick of us after 14 years of publishing. We’ve got lots of really fun, exciting plans for 2008, and our updated catalog goes to the printer today. I’ll be posting a fully-interactive version of it for downloading in a couple of weeks, once we get all the new stuff added to our site.

And if you shop at our site, I guarantee you’ll find something there in a couple of weeks that’s going to make you really, really happy. Stay tuned!