All orders must now be approved before downloads are released

I’m sad to report there has been a continued string of abuse of our offer of a free Digital Edition (ie. $4.99 off any order), by people using the Redemption Code “stayhome” at our webstore multiple times through fake accounts and other means. So until further notice, all orders placed online (free or paid) will be temporarily held for approval, before the links for any digital editions are released to customers. I will do my best to review orders several times a day, so your delay getting  downloads shouldn’t be more than a few hours in most cases. You’ll get an email when your order has been updated, so you can log into your account to access your download. But you must use a valid email address to take advantage of this offer, and I will delete any accounts that appear to be trying to cheat the system.

Considering all that’s going on in the world, and the spirit of generosity I extended with this offer, I’m very disappointed so many people would go to such lengths to skirt the “one free item per customer” rule. We as a society are only going to get through the current Coronavirus situation by working together and helping each other. That was the spirit of my offer, which is already going to cost my family, and the families of our authors, loss of income in this challenging time. To have someone taking advantage of it makes it that much more difficult for us to continue to make such gestures, which hurts everyone, as I now may have to end the offer entirely.

The vast majority of our readers are honest (like the characters they read about in the comics we all love), and I’m sorry for the inconvenience this will cause them. If you’re one of the few trying to cheat the system, I hope you’ll give some thought to why you felt the need to engage in dishonesty for such a small dollar amount, and for items that aren’t necessities in these difficult times.