Alter Ego #104 just out!

ALTER EGO #104 is in the house, proudly celebrating the 50th anniversary of Fantastic Four #1—and the birth of Marvel Comics! Editor ROY THOMAS presents a new, never-before-published interview with STAN LEE—featuring a number of real surprises—and rare art and artifacts by JACK KIRBY, STEVE DITKO, JOE SINNOTT, DICK AYERS, ROY THOMAS, and others, plus lots more secrets behind the Marvel Mythos! Also included are JIM AMASH’s interview with 1940s Timely editor AL SULMAN, P.C. Hamerlinck’s FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) with MARC SWAYZE and C.C. BECK, and MICHAEL T. GILBERT presenting another episode of Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt. It’s all behind a new cover by RON FRENZ and JOE SINNOTT, offering a pastiche of the cover of Fantastic Four #1.

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