Alter Ego #179, BrickJournal #77, and RetroFan #24 are now shipping—plus last week for our Holiday Sale!

ALTER EGO #179: Celebrating the 61st Anniversary of Fantastic Four #1—’cause we kinda blew right past its 60th—plus a sagacious salute to Stan Lee’s 100th birthday, with never-before-seen highlights—and to FF #1 and #2 inker George Klein! Spotlight on Sub-Mariner in the Bowery in FF #4—plus sensational secrets behind FF #1 and #3! Also: FCA, Michael T. Gilbert, a Jack Kirby cover, and more! Edited by Roy ThomasPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

BRICKJOURNAL #79: Focuses on LEGO® Photography, with guest editor Shelly CorbettScott Murphy on how he brings his whimsical ideas to life, Wendy Verboom photographs LEGO minifigures meeting nature, and Arvin Coloma shows how to photograph LEGO in unexpected places! Plus BrickNerd, AFOLs by Greg Hyland, building instructions by Christopher Deck, and Jared K. Burks’ Minifigure Customization!! Edited by Joe MenoPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

RETROFAN #24: Interviews with Lost in Space’s Angela Cartwright and Bill Mumy, and Land of the Lost’s Wesley Eure! Revisit Leave It to Beaver with Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow, and Ken Osmond! Plus: Underdog, Rankin-Bass’ stop-motion classic The Little Drummer Boy, Christmas gifts you didn’t want, the Cabbage Patch Kids fad, and more! Edited by Michael EuryPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

And download our Holiday Sale Catalog with $3 magazines, $5 books, and more here! Ends Monday!