Alter Egos in the mail!

Through the diligence of one Christopher Irving (our shipping manager), all 500 free copies of Alter Ego #64 (from our Valentine’s Day giveaway) were dropped at the post office today! So after Monday’s President’s Day holiday, they should be speeding (?) their way through the US Postal Service to their lucky recipients.

A lot of people seem to think we’re nuts to give away so many of our mags (this is our fourth giveaway in less than a year). But the cost of one giveaway—including printing the extra issues and paying for envelopes, postage, and our time—is still less than a single ad in Diamond’s Previews catalog (and based on our experience, a lot more effective). We can’t do it every month, but as long as we allocate our ad budget toward it, so far it’s making pretty good financial sense. And hey, I’m cheap (my kind wife calls it frugal, but I’m not deluding myself). I’m always looking for a less expensive way to promote our stuff. If you’re cheap too, send me your ideas!