Back Issue #135 and Jack Kirby Collector #83 are now shipping

Back Issue #135 is the shiny new Silver Issue, starring the Silver Surfer in the Bronze Age! Plus: Jack Kirby’s Silver Star, Scott Hampton’s Silverheels, Silver Sable, Silver Banshee, and more! Featuring Busiek, Butler, Defalco, Englehart, Frenz, Marz, Nicieza, Purchell, Ross, Rogers, Rubinstein, Stern, more. Cover by Ron Frenz and Joe Sinnott. Preview the issue, and order your copy here!

Jack Kirby Collector #83 focuses on Famous Firsts! How Jack Kirby was a pioneer in all areas of comics: Romance Comics genre, Kid Gangs, double-page spreads, Black heroes, new formats, super-hero satire, and others! With Mark Evanier and our regular columnists, plus a gallery of Jack’s pencil art from Captain America, Jimmy Olsen, Captain Victory, Destroyer Duck, Black Panther, and more! Preview the issue, and order your copy here!