Back Issue #144 and Cliffhanger are now shipping!

BACK ISSUE #144: It’s Bronze Age Savage Lands, starring Ka-Zar in the 1970s! Plus: Turok—Dinosaur Hunter, Don Glut’s Dagar and Tragg, Annihilus and the Negative Zone, Planet of Vampires, Pat Mills’s Flesh (from 2000AD), and Walter Simonson and Mike Mignola’s Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure. With Conway, Gulacy, Hama, Nicieza, Sears, Thomas, and more! John Buscema cover! Edited by MICHAEL EURYPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

CLIFFHANGER! Cinematic Superheroes of the Serials (1941–1952): Hold on tight as historian Christopher Irving explores the origins of the first on-screen superheroes and the comic creators and film-makers who brought them to life. CLIFFHANGER! touches on the early days of the film serial, to its explosion as a juvenile medium of the 1930s and ‘40s. See how the creation of characters like Superman, Captain America, Spy Smasher, and Captain Marvel dovetailed with the early film adaptations. Along the way, you’ll meet the stuntmen, directors (Spencer Bennett, William Witney, producer Sam Katzman), comic book creators (Siegel & Shuster, Simon & Kirby, Bob Kane, C.C. Beck, Frank Frazetta, Will Eisner), and actors (Buster Crabbe, George Reeves, Lorna Gray, Kane Richmond, Kirk Alyn, Dave O’Brien) who brought them to the silver screen—and how that resonates with today’s cinematic superhero universe. Preview the book, and order your copy here!