Back Issue #145 and Comic Book Creator #31 are now shipping!

BACK ISSUE #145: Watch your back, Wall-Crawler… it’s our Spider-Rogues Issue! Villain histories of Dr. Octopus, Lizard, Kingpin, Spidey’s mob foes, the Jackal and Carrion, Tarantula, Puma, and Spider-Foes Only a Mother Could Love! Featuring the work of Bronze Age Spider-creators Ross Andru, Sal Buscema, Gerry Conway, Tom DeFalco, Gil Kane, Todd McFarlane, David Michelinie, Frank Miller, Keith Pollard, John Romita Jr. & Sr., Roger Stern, Roy Thomas, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, and many more. Featuring a Spider-Man and his Rogues’ Gallery cover by Dusty Abell! Edited by MICHAEL EURYPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

COMIC BOOK CREATOR #31: It’s a career-spanning interview with Bane’s co-creator Graham Nolan! Plus, Stan Lee’s Carnegie Hall debacle of 1972, the Golden Age Quality Comics’ work of Frank Borth (Phantom Lady, Spider Widow), and Greg Biga talks with ex-DC Comics co-publisher Dan Didio on his current career as writer/creator on the Frank Miller Presents comics line, as well as that new comics line’s publisher! Edited by JON B. COOKEPreview the issue, and order your copy here!