Back online with new rates

I spent the last two days doing nothing but poring through the US Postal Rate Changes that took place yesterday. After having to take our webstore offline for a few hours today, I’ve finally got all our prices updated.

US and Canadian back issue and subscription prices stayed basically the same (and with the addition of free downloads of our upcoming digital editions, they’re an even better deal than before) However, we saw big postage jumps for Surface and Airmail (which are now officially called International First Class Mail and International Priority Mail, but we won’t be changing the wording on our site for a few weeks). I’m really, really sorry about this, overseas readers. I know that these rate increases will eventually mean fewer overseas orders, but there’s not anything we can do about the rate increases.

However, with our upcoming digital editions, overseas readers will be able to download our mags for a fraction of what the print editions cost. And we’re also looking into some other options that will hopefully make things more affordable for our overseas fans. I’m determined to find ways to get costs down for our non-US readers, and I’ll keep you all posted here as we find ways to make that happen.