Baltimore, here we come!

Our ever-able Eric Nolen-Weathington is on his way to Baltimore as I type this, to man our booth for the Baltimore Comicon. If you’ve never been, it’s a great show, lots of guests, fun times galore. If you’re there, stop by and ask Eric to tell you about Diamond Comic Distributors, and why his Modern Masters volumes on Mike Ploog and Kyle Baker were both solicited in Previews the same month, instead of two months apart as we’d requested. (I just love Diamond sometimes…)

Oh yeah, buy some stuff at our booth, before our government spends that $700 billion out of our pockets to bail out Wall Street. That way, you’ll have something to read on your coffee breaks, while we’re all working twice as hard trying to earn the extra money we’ll all need to pay the estimated $10,000 per family it’s going to cost us, all because those morons in Washington wouldn’t regulate the financial industry over the last 8 years.

(Sorry if I sound grumpy; I’m just so ticked off at our lousy administration for allowing this to happen, especially when they were warned this subprime mortgage mess was coming years ago, by the CEO of Self-Help, a major non-profit credit union who’s an advertising client of ours. That, plus my 3-year-old daughter was up all night throwing up, so I didn’t get much sleep.)

Now please excuse me; I’ve decided, for the good of the country, to suspend my blog temporarily while I rush off to focus my attention on the Presidential Debate tonight.