Batcave Companion update

A lot of people have asked me about the delay on our BATCAVE COMPANION book, and why it’s not in our new catalog: In a nutshell, DC Comics had previously approved the book for its original release date last July, but we chose to push it back till April 2008, to give our editors extra time to make it the quality book our readers are expecting. While the book is now nearly finished, we’ve now been asked by DC Comics’ legal department to delay the release of our book until April 2009 (one year later than planned), so it won’t affect sales of DC’s own Batman-related books that are coming out in conjunction with this summer’s big-budget DARK KNIGHT film (and its DVD release later this year).

I know this will disappoint readers, as it has disappointed me (and the book’s editors, Michael Eury and Michael Kronenberg). But in fairness to DC, if we’d gotten the book out when originally planned, it wouldn’t have interfered with the film’s release. They are just protecting their properties, and were gracious enough to simply ask for a delay in our book, and not an outright cancellation.

So, the BATCAVE COMPANION will now be released in April 2009. Thanks for your understanding in this situation, and your continued support of our publications. Rest assured, when the book is finally published next year, you’re going to think it was worth the wait!