BrickJournal’s second Minifigure Customization book now shipping


If you’ve enjoyed Jared K. Burks’ regular column on minifigure customizing in BrickJournal magazine, and his first book for Lego® fans, you can learn more of his secrets in Minifigure Customization2: Why Live in the Box?

Jared’s new sequel takes an advanced look at the hobby, introducing more complex techniques to alter the lovable Lego® minifigure, and building on the techniques introduced in the first book. It features tutorials on virtual customization; designing decals and advanced decal application; custom part modification and creation, including 3-D printing; advanced painting techniques; lighting figures with LEDs or EL wire; tips on minifigure displays; and digital photography tips to capture your custom figures in the best light. Essential tools used to create custom figures are identified and updated, and it even includes a Gallery of custom minifigures from top customizers, where they share their favorite tips and tricks. Why live in the box? Populate your world with any alien, superhero, historical, action, horror, or science-fiction figure you can “Just Imagine!”

It’s NOW SHIPPING (at 15% off) at this link!

And through December 15, Jared’s original book, Minifigure Customization: Populate Your World!, is available at 40% during our current book sale. Here’s that link!