Build your own Bundle of mags at half-price!

You guys and gals have repeatedly asked me something to this effect for years now:

“Hey John, I love the half-price Ultimate Bundles you offer, where I can get, say, EVERY issue of Alter Ego or Back Issue at half-price, but I don’t want to buy the WHOLE SET! I’ve already got a few of the issues; can I just get PART of the bundle at 50% off?”

Well, no, you can’t. Logistically, we’d go nuts trying to figure up the cost of, say, the KIRBY COLLECTOR ULTIMATE BUNDLE, less 7 random issues that you already own, then try to figure up one for your neighbor who has all but 3 of the issues, and so on, and so on.


Now through June 30 , we’re having our “Build-A-Bundle” Sale, where almost all of our mags are 50% off. So you can create an order with any combination of the issues you want, and they’ll be 50% off. (Only the latest issues are excluded from this sale, but even those are 15% off, making this your best chance ever to fill the holes in your collection.)

So go crazy! The Half-Price “Build-A-Bundle” Sale includes:

Back Issue! #1-34
Jack Kirby Collector #23-52
Draw! #4-17
Alter Ego #2-86
Rough Stuff! #1-12
Write Now! #1-20
Comic Book Artist #9-25
BrickJournal #2-5

plus other miscellaneous humor and one-shot magazines, all at 50% off cover price. We’ve even got a select group of books that are also 50% off during the sale.

But you HAVE TO order at by the end of June to get this deal.

AND PLEASE BE PATIENT!!! We’ve already been inundated with orders for this sale, and while we normally get orders shipped within a day or so of being placed, we’re currently running about 3-4 days later than usual on shipments. We’re working overtime to get to them all, and if you’ve paid extra for Priority Mail shipping, we’ll fill yours first in each batch that’s processed.