Busy, busy TwoMorrows elves

Between our big 50% off sale in November, and three new pubs shipping this week (and about 5 more going to press before year’s end), it’s been a hectic couple of months around TwoMorrows HQ! But we wrapping up getting all the copies of these three beauties out before we close for the holidays next week:

ALTER EGO #130 (special FCA holiday theme issue)

JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #64 (on Kirby’s war experiences and Super-soldiers)

COMIC BOOK CREATOR #6: SWAMPMEN! (the long-awaited super-size BOOK we first announced over a decade ago is finally out)



You can order and see previews of each one at the links above. And a free copy of our new catalog will be included in ALL these issues, plus the next issue of BACK ISSUE and DRAW when they ship in the next two months. So immerse yourself in all the TwoMorrows goodness that’s waiting for you as we enter a brand new year!