Digital editions coming!

I hope everyone enjoyed the free digital edition of our magazines that they downloaded over Free Comic Book Day weekend. Now that you’ve seen what all our mags are like, please consider subscribing! And beginning with our July issues, we’ll begin offering digital editions of all our new magazines, at only $2.95 per download (way less than half the price of the printed versions)!

While we kept the file size down on our Free Comic Book Day downloads by using lower-resolution images, for our future digital editions, the images will be much higher resolution and crystal clear (and thus, larger files). Not only that, but our new PDF editions will feature much of the art from our printed magazines’ black-and-white pages in FULL COLOR!

As a special bonus, subscribers to our printed magazines will get FREE access to the digital versions of the issues in their subscription, which will generally be available 2-3 weeks BEFORE copies are even printed. So if you’ve hesitated to subscribe because our mags show up in your local comics shop before they’re in your mailbox, you can now see the whole issue digitally (and in color) weeks earlier, for no extra charge!

We’re offering these digital editions as a test to see if there’s a market for it, not a way to do away with printed magazines. But we’re relying on the honesty of our readers, to NOT share their digital editions with others. We rely on sales from every printed copy and download to keep the magazines going, and if readers illegally share these files with others, the TwoMorrows mags you love so much will cease to be published in any format. So enjoy the files, but make sure you pay for yours!