Get our anniversary book, and keep the World of TwoMorrows spinning!

You’ve probably heard that Diamond Comic Distributors is temporarily closed, leaving small publishers with no way to get our publications to comics shops. But for TwoMorrows, it’s much more complicated than that.

Comic Book Creator #22 and Jack Kirby Collector #78 had just arrived in stores, and four more magazines and our Anniversary book were on the way to Diamond, when they closed unexpectedly. Diamond is not paying us for any of those titles, at least for the near future.

Then, our distributor for Barnes & Noble also closed without warning, just before our next issues were about to go on sale. So we have taken a huge loss having to pay for printing and shipping tens of thousands of copies that:

• Diamond didn’t send to stores
• Diamond did send to stores, but isn’t paying us for
• We’re having to dispose of, since Barnes & Noble won’t sell out-of-date magazines when they reopen.

Until our distributors reopen, mail order and digital sales are TwoMorrows’ lifeline, to ensure we stay in business. We have bills to pay on all those existing publications, and to keep funding upcoming ones, so we can go to press as soon as Diamond reopens.

So if you’re able to help, please:

1) Purchase our World of TwoMorrows anniversary book, which is available now in Softcover, Ultra-Limited Hardcover, and Digital Editions. If you’ve loved the material we’ve produced for the last quarter-century, learn how we managed it all those years!

2) Download our new 2020 Digital Catalog at this link, and order some books and mags online. We’re continuing our 40% Off Magazine Sale, and we’re fully operational (my wife Pam and I are packing and shipping all the orders due to North Carolina’s stay-at-home mandate). If you have trouble ordering online, we’re happy to take your order by phone.

3) Pre-order copies of Alter Ego #164, Back Issue #120, BrickJournal #62, and RetroFan #9, all of which will be shipping by mail in the next 3-4 weeks. And since BrickJournal #62 (and #63) and RetroFan #9 (and #10) will not be sold at Barnes & Noble, now is the perfect time to…

4) Subscribe or renew your current subscriptions! The next issues of all six of our magazines are ready to go to press as soon as our distributors reopen, so we’ll be back on a regular release schedule after that.

In 1994, I founded TwoMorrows Publishing with the publication of The Jack Kirby Collector #1. I didn’t start out by selling through comics shops or bookstores—only by mail order and subscriptions. And I’m prepared to keep working that way indefinitely, regardless of when stores and distributors reopen. So stay safe, and together, we’ll keep the World of TwoMorrows spinning for another 25 years!

Best regards,
John Morrow, publisher
TwoMorrows Publishing