Giveaway gone away…

Our Alter Ego #64 giveaway is officially over, having blown out 500 free copies in less than a single day. Our new server apparently handled the hugh influx of customers without a hitch (thanks, Rand!). So now all we’ve got  to do it get them all stuffed and mailed before it’s time to leave for the New York Con next week.

Please be patient waiting for your copy to arrive; we ship by Standard Mail, and while that generally gets there within a week, it can take up to three weeks in some of the less populated areas of the US. (And foreign customers, Surface Mail can take up to 6 weeks or more in some cases, so we really appreciate your patience!) Plus, it might take us a day or so to get them all put in envelopes and labeled.
If you missed getting your free copy, stay tuned; I suspect we’ll be having another giveaway right around Free Comic Book Day on May 5.