Gone fishin’

For the next two weeks, TwoMorrows will be closed, as we embark on our annual pilgrimage to sunny San Diego, CA for Comicon. If you’ve never been, go. It’s worth every penny it costs, just to see it at least once. This is my 13th consecutive year, and 14th in total, and despite how much I hate to fly, I suck it up for this one. Wouldn’t miss it (and all the friends I only get to see once a year) for anything. (And man, you wouldn’t believe the Kirby art that turns up at our booth each year…)
Wife/partner Pam and daughters Lily and Hannah Rose will be in tow as usual, finding ways to enjoy themselves while I do the comic book thing, and then it’s off to other parts of Southern California for more family fun. It’s been one heck of a year, and a little R&R is much needed, both by me, and my TwoMorrows compatriots who’ll be there too. Hope to see you at booth #1215!

FYI, the subscriber copies of Alter Ego #70 and Back Issue #23 are either at the mail house, or in the postal system now. Our copies of Draw #14, Write Now #16, and Rough Stuff #5 haven’t arrived yet, so they’ll (alas) have to be shipped when we return. But since I know all our subscribers are taking advantage of our FREE Digital Editions for subscribers (simply by making sure we have their email address), the extra wait won’t be a problem for anyone. (For the record, Alter Ego #71 is already at the printer, even though #70 is just shipping this week; but again, subscribers can download #71 for free right now, even though it won’t be in stores for three more weeks. If you’re not a subscriber and you just can’t wait for it to hit your local comic book shop, you can get the Digital versions for $2.95 at our website.)

We’ve got three books that, unless FedEx screws up, will debut at Comicon: Modern Masters Vol. 12: Michael Golden, John Romita…And All That Jazz, and Comics Introspective: Peter Bagge. I’ve seen a lone sample copy of each one, which arrived today from our printer, so those’ll be waiting for us when we get home too (and will go in the mail shortly thereafter). Thanks to everyone for your patience while we get a well-deserved break!
And lest you think all we do on these trips is talk comics, we just wrapped up the design on our biggest advertising client’s Annual Report, and sent it to press today. So our printer will have to ship us proofs to OK, so it can be printed while we’re away. Sometimes it just never stops… and if it ever does, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself!