Happy anniversary to Morrows

Tomorrow, Jan. 16, is a pretty important day around Casa de dos Morrows. It’s (not necessarily in order of importance, except for the first one):

Pam and my 23rd wedding anniversary

20th anniversary of the day we started TwoMorrows Advertising (our original business before we added publishing to it in 1994)

Pam’s parents’ wedding anniversary (I believe it’s 64 years; have to check)

Pam’s godmother’s birthday (she’d be, if I recall correctly, 124 tomorrow if she were still with us; alas, she ONLY made it to 103)

As you can see, January 16 is pretty significant to us. I, naturally, have sprung for a babysitter, and I’m heading out for a night on the town! (And to clarify that last statement, yes, Pam is going with me…)

So tomorrow, I hope you’ll all go out and have a little fun in honor of the occasion. Enjoy the day!