Heroes Con’s a’comin’ tomorrow

Our able Modern Masters editor Eric Nolen-Weathington dropped by today, to pick up a load of our books to take down to Charlotte, NC for this weekend’s Heroes Convention. It’s a great con, and right in our own backyard (about a 2.5 hour drive), and Eric and his wife Donna are manning the booth for us as usual this year.

This is one of the best cons going; not too big, but not small by any means. It’s this Friday-Sunday, and Saturday at 11:30am, Roy Thomas, Michael Eury, Chris Irving, Bob McLeod, Eric, and I will be hamming it up on the TwoMorrows Panel. So if you’re down our way, stop in for a great time!

Shelton Drum, the con’s organizer, holds the event on Father’s Day weekend, with free admission on Sunday for kids with dads; a great way to get more kids into the whole comics scene. However, Roy Thomas and I will both be there for Saturday only, so don’t forget to stop by our booth Saturday to get something signed by Roy, and to see me doing whatever it is I do at these things.

WARNING! We just got in three (count ’em, three) copies of our new book IMAGE COMICS: THE ROAD TO INDEPENDENCE as samples from our printer. The rest will be in next week, but we’ll only be selling two of the copies at Heroes Con, and saving the other for a display copy. So if you’re just dying to read this book, and can’t wait until it hits stores next week, get there early!