Hola, amigos

I just got a fax, from an unknown assailant, telling me I’ve been considered for inclusion in the Latino American Who’s Who (2012 edition)—a directory of prominent Latino American executives that have met a degree of recognizable success within their respective profession. This would be a great honor except for two things:

1) It’s obviously from a fax spammer, since there’s no cover sheet saying who it’s from, and
2) I’m not Latino. (I am American, so at least they got it half right…)

What do these jokers hope to gain from wasting America’s fax ink, toner, and paper, not to mention bandwidth? I’m puzzled, cause I can’t figure how anyone hopes to profit from this kind of blind solicitation. There’s no request for a fee to be included, just an 866 number to call to have our fax number removed, and it’s signed by “Beverly Vasquez”.

But in honor of this, I think I’ll go to my favorite Latino restaurant today for lunch. Adios!