I Voted…

…did you? We have the luxury of three weeks of “early voting” in North Carolina, to cut down on the long lines on Election Day, so I headed to my early voting place today about 1pm. It was packed, but it ended up only taking me about 10 minutes from start to finish. Based on the ticker on the machine that scanned my ballot, that one location has seen nearly 7000 people early-vote since they started 5 days ago, so it looks like it’s going to be a huge turnout this year.

I’m politically active; have been since college, and have done a lot of design work for political campaigns over the years. I’ve also gotten many a paper cut volunteering for candidates who I support. It’s tougher to find the time now that we have kids, but Pam and I still keep our hands in however we can. So I was really annoyed to find that some little weasel snuck in our yard during the night and swiped the political yard sign we’d put up a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure how this person thinks that’s going to affect the election (I never knew my little sign had so much power!), but hey, Pam was driving near our guy’s local campaign office this morning anyway, so a replacement sign is already back up.

I’m not going to try here to tell anyone how to vote; just vote. If you’ve got early voting, avoid the long lines on E-Day (although my wife won’t vote early, because of an irrational fear that hers won’t count if she does; me, I figure it’s better to get it done, save some time, and make sure my vote counts in case I get hit by a bus before Nov. 4). Once you get it done, it’s amazing how good it makes you feel. And then you can ignore all the last-minute, annoying, negative political ads, and concentrate on more important stuff, like reading comics.

And regardless of who wins in two weeks, let’s all suck it up, get over all the bickering, and see if we can’t do something together for a change, to get our economy moving again. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to offer some suggestions of things we’ve done at Casa Dos Morrows to economize lately; maybe a few will work for you. And just think of all the TwoMorrows stuff you can buy with the money you save! 🙂