It’s a double-dose of Back Issue with #103 and ‘Longbox’ #61, both in March!

Back Issue #103 is an All-Star Editors Issue! A Pro2Pro roundtable of past and present editors reveal… “How I Beat the Dreaded Deadline Doom”! Plus: retrospectives of Archie Goodwin and Mark Gruenwald, a vintage interview with fan-turned-pro E. Nelson Bridwell, a career-spanning interview with Diana Schutz, Allan Asherman revisits DC’s ’70s editorial department, Marvel Assistant Editors’ Month, and a history of the most famous editor in comic books, Perry White! Featuring an unpublished alternate cover of 1981’s Captain America #259 by Mike Zeck! Edited by Michael Eury. Preview it HERE!

And Back Issue #61: Longbox Edition reprints the original sold-out issue #61 at standard magazine size, so you can fill the hole in your Back Issue collection! It looks at “Tabloids and Treasuries,” spotlighting every all-new tabloid from the 1970s, and a checklist of reprint treasury editions. Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man, The Bible, Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles, The Wizard of Oz, even the Paul Dini/Alex Ross World’s Greatest Super-Heroes editions! Commentary and art by Adams, Garcia-Lopez, Grell, Kirby, Kubert, Mayer, Romita Sr., Toth, and more. Wraparound cover by Alex Ross! (Note: This issue is not part of your subscription, and must be ordered separately!) Pre-order it HERE!