Jack Kirby Collector #86 and Destroyer Duck Graphite Edition are now shipping!

Jack Kirby Collector #86: Kirby Comparisons! Analysis of unused vs. known Kirby covers and art, Barry Windsor-Smith on his stylizations in Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles, Kirby’s incorporation of real-life images in his work, Will Murray’s conversations with top pros just after Jack’s passing, unused Mister Miracle cover inked by Walter Simonson, and more! Edited by John MorrowPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

Destroyer Duck Graphite Edition: In the 1980s, writer Steve Gerber was embroiled in a lawsuit against Marvel Comics over ownership of his creation Howard The Duck. To raise funds for legal fees, Gerber asked Jack Kirby to contribute to a benefit comic titled Destroyer Duck. Without hesitation, Kirby (who was in his own dispute with Marvel at the time) donated his services for the first issue, and the duo took aim at their former employer in an outrageous five-issue run. With biting satire and guns blazing, Duke “Destroyer” Duck battled the thinly veiled Godcorp (whose infamous credo was “Grab it all! Own it all! Drain it all!”), its evil leader Ned Packer and the (literally) spineless Booster Cogburn, Medea (a parody of Daredevil’s Elektra), and more! Now, all five Gerber/Kirby issues are collected—but relettered and reproduced from Jack’s unbridled, uninked pencil art! Also included are select examples of Alfredo Alcala’s unique inking style over Kirby on the original issues, Gerber’s script pages, an historical Introduction by Mark Evanier (co-editor of the original 1980s issues), and an Afterword by Buzz Dixon (who continued the series after Gerber)! Discover all the hidden jabs you missed when Destroyer Duck was first published, and experience page after page of Kirby’s raw pencil artPreview the issue, and order your copy here!