Last Chance Items!

A retailer has just returned a bunch of our old, sold-out items to us, and we’ve just listed them at in the “Last Chance Items!” category. There’s only one or two of each item, so get there fast, or they’ll be gone! They are:

Against The Grain: MAD Artist Wallace Wood Softcover
All-Star Companion Volume
Comic Book Artist #11, 13, and 17
Draw! #2, 3, 7, and 12
Jack Kirby Collector #1-14, 18, 22, 28, and 29
Sense of Wonder
The Life & Art of Murphy Anderson
Write Now! #12

They’re all priced at their ORIGINAL COVER PRICE, so they’re great bargains (with many of them going much higher these days on eBay), but since they’re already so cheap, they’re not part of our new standard 15% off cover price discount.

And if you click on them and the button says “SOLD OUT”, sorry, someone got to them before you, so hurry! These are our ONLY REMAINING COPIES of all of these items!